Television hasn't had clear eyes and full hearts since NBC's critically acclaimed high school football drama Friday Night Lights ended in 2011. While fans certainly have their pick of favorite scenes from the series' five-season run, one cast member has shared four of her own. In honor of every episode of Friday Night Lights arriving on Hulu, lead actress Connie Britton looked back at the scenes that have stayed with her the most. Find out if any of them are your favorites too!

Jason Street's Injury

With countless scenes to choose from over the course of five seasons, the actress who portrayed Tami Taylor was able to narrow down her top four. One of Connie Britton's favorites (as shared with EW) was one of Friday Night Light's most harrowing scenes. Fans of the show will undoubtedly recall its searing power and the sensation was clearly not lost on one of the series' leads. Britton explained why a certain scene from the pilot made her list, saying:

I love the pilot so much. It's one of the best pilots I've ever seen in my life of any show. And the scene on the football field where Jason Street gets paralyzed is beautifully shot. To me, that's one of the most powerful scenes I've ever seen. That's one that I really love. It set the tone for what the whole series was going to be.

Friday Night Lights' pilot is one of the few in television history to reverberate throughout the entire run of the series. Jason Street being paralyzed underneath the lights of the small town's biggest stage changes Dillon, Texas forever. It is a scene that relies on the cast to communicate the horror of the events. Their performances in scenes like these have cemented the drama's ensemble as one of the greatest to ever hit the small screen.

Fighting Under The Table

Connie Britton's picks continue with another scene from Season 1, also known as the one before Landry killed a guy. At the heart of Friday Night Lights was the marriage of Coach Taylor and his headstrong wife. The love that fueled that marriage was copious enough to fill the open skies of Texas. With her second choice, Britton recalls the quiet comedy that played out between Tami and Coach during an inopportune time for the power couple, saying:

One of my favorite scenes in season 1 is where Tami has a barbecue at the house for the football team, and it's this whole scene under the table with Coach and Tami and she's whisper-yelling at him. I love that scene so much. First of all, we had so much fun shooting it. But also it really does kind of capture that relationship because at the end of the day, even with this crazy world swarming around them, it was the two of them at odds but also loving each other and appreciating the humor in the situation and working it out the best they could. That scene really was such a fun moment of seeing the dynamic between the two of them.

Connie Britton's second mentioned favorite occurs in Season 1's fourth episode. The comedy of the scene helps add levity to a particularly intense episode of Friday Night Lights. In the episode, tensions between The Panthers and their fiercest rivals are inching ever closer to their breaking point. Scenes like Britton's second pick point to the series' innate ability to know when a bit of comedy is needed to lift the mood of the always-simmering series.

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