Friday Night Lights Is Finally Streaming Again

Friday Night Lights cast NBC

Friday Night Lights is finally streaming again, meaning audiences worldwide have another shot at watching the emotional stories surrounding of the small town of Dillon, Texas. Hulu has snagged all 76 episodes of the series and is currently streaming the drama on its platform for folks to binge with clear eyes and full hearts. For fans of high school football, small town drama, and award-worthy performances, this is a "can't lose," situation.

Though Friday Night Lights was not a mainstream success during its run on television, a devoted fanbase and strong critical praise kept the series chugging along even though cancellation was considered for the series after Season 2. The series was praised for its portrayal of life in middle America, and since its finale has only elevated in popularity due to its all-star cast. Over the course of five seasons, the show hosted young names like Michael B. Jordan, Taylor Kitsch, Jesse Plemons, and Minka Kelly with veteran actors Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler serving as the glue to the high school football series.

Those who want to binge Friday Night Lights but don't subscribe to Hulu needn't despair, as the entire series was also added to Amazon Prime Video earlier this month. Both streaming services have been working with NBC Universal, which has resulted in other beloved NBC classics finding their way to streaming as of late. Earlier this year, Hulu snagged the rights to all 15 seasons of the network's former hit medical drama ER, which had a level of success Friday Night Lights never got to experience during its run.

The show's Hulu presence will likely be one of the only way fans can enjoy Friday Night Lights for a while, as it doesn't appear a television revival is in the cards. Taylor Kitsch has openly stated he would not return to reprise the role of Tim Riggins, but that he would give his full blessing to the rest of the cast if they ever decided to get the gang back together. Even with Kitsch's blessing, the odds of the series making a comeback don't seem great, especially since the star power of the show's cast has grown substantially since the show's series finale. Still, in an age where any show with a fanbase who loves nostalgia is getting a reboot or revival, it might be best to never say never and see what happens.

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