Scorpion Is Canceled At CBS After 4 Seasons

Scorpion canceled at CBS
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Scorpion fans just got stung in a major way, as the action drama has been canceled by CBS after four seasons. The announcement comes as networks across the board are clearing the decks ahead of next week's upfront presentations. Widely considered a bubble show, Scorpion was not among the network's modestly-rated series to be spared the wrath of CBS' sweep. And it is unlikely to be that last.

Sadly, ratings for the Season 4 finale, which aired in the middle of April, did not improve the series' case for renewal. Deadline reports it was Scorpion's second-straight year on the dreaded bubble, a sign that Season 4 was a gift of sorts from CBS. It is unclear if the series will seek a new home. In the midst of cancellation fever, some axed series have found revival, while others await similar life extension.

While Season 4 did not necessarily end on a huge cliffhanger, the finale brought a substantial shake-up for the team. Now fans may never learn if the battle lines drawn in the finale would have stuck, and how it all would have ended up if they had. So no life-and-death concerns were hanging in the balance, but character-driven angst that needed resolution. Hopefully, Scorpion's powers-that-be will shed light on what would have happened had the show been renewed.

With ninety-three episodes under its belt before its cancellation, Scorpion will fall seven episodes shy of its 100th episode, a milestone that has traditionally been met with syndication. With streaming services building their catalog of off-air shows in new ways, Scorpion not hitting that threshold should not hurt its chances of streaming on one of the top services.

With the cancelation of the tech-centric series, the stars of Scorpion are now free to focus on new projects, but not before paying respect to their former series. Some of the cast has already taken to social media to express their gratitude to the fans that got them to Season 4. On Twitter, Katherine McPhee shared her thanks to CBS, her fellow cast members, the crew of the series, as well as the fans, assuring them "we'll always be a family." McPhee's co-star Robert Patrick offered similar sentiments on his Twitter account.

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