New Fear The Walking Dead Clip Possibly Sets Up Madison And Naomi Feud

Spoilers for anyone who hasn't yet watched the latest episode of Fear the Walking Dead.

In its most recent episode, Fear the Walking Dead pulled off some wild moments, with the biggest being the reveal that Naomi is actually still alive, which immediately led to John getting shot by Alicia. Not the ideal way for John's reunion with "Laura" to have gone, but it was certainly a shocker. Alicia's reaction to Naomi's arrival in the present-day timeline immediately raised questions about Madison's whereabouts, and in a sneak peek at the next episode, Fear the Walking Dead seems to already be drawing a line in the sand between Naomi and Madison, and it's presumably thanks to Mel and the Vultures. Check it out!

Now, the clip obviously didn't show Madison launching at Naomi and taking her down, only to drag her around the baseball diamond by her neck, since that would be giving away too much. So there's no definitive proof just yet that Naomi is to blame for Madison's absence in the most current timeline. But the way the two women struck up their disagreement over the future of the Diamond, so soon-to-viewers after their emotional conversation over how Naomi's daughter (and tons of other people) died in the FEMA center, was a little too intense to just brush under the rug as incidental.

The exact specifics of their conversation are up for debate, but it's clear that Mel and the Vultures did not stay away from the Diamond as they appeared to do once the FEMA center supplies arrived. They apparently made some kind of an offer or suggestion to Madison & Co. about vacating their current location while the vacating was good. But the only thing that sounds good to Madison is staying inside the place she built up to give her kids a new shot at a stable life. Since Naomi no longer has a child to care for in these dark days, however, she's not on the same wavelength, and it's pretty clear she won't be siding with Madison much longer beyond that conversation.

Plus, there's that small cut on Naomi's throat, which Madison inferred was caused by Mel, marking one of the first signs of physical violence that any of the Vultures has shown. I've been kind of amazed by how little villainy we've seen from the group, with Season 4 honing in on proving that any group of characters can appear villainous outside of a broadened context. So it looks like fans might finally get to see more evidence for how this group turned the O.G. protagonists from optimistic survivors to anger-filled husks. And I'm betting that at some point during this tale, Naomi is going to fuck Madison over in an irreversible way, which Alicia may never be ready to forgive her for.

What do you guys think is going to happen between Naomi, Madison and the Vultures? Fear the Walking Dead airs Sunday nights on AMC at 9:00 p.m. ET, with only only a couple of episodes left in the first half of Season 4. To see what new and returning shows will be around when the zombie drama is on hiatus, head to our summer premiere schedule.

Nick Venable
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