Elisabeth Moss Revealed Her Role In Approving Her Handmaid's Tale Sex Scenes

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The Handmaid's Tale was one of the most popular and critically-acclaimed new shows to hit the airwaves in 2017 and Season 2 premiered back in April, but it's not always the easiest to watch given its dystopian setting. The first season alone featured a lot of sex scenes, which ranged from rape to consensual sex. Star Elisabeth Moss was part of many of the sex scenes, and she recently revealed how much of a role she has in approving what footage does and doesn't make it to Hulu:

I work in a really incredibly collaborative atmosphere on my show that I have never experienced. I have been in television for a while, and it's not like this usually, so I am very, very lucky. There's no hierarchy, there's no ego. I was lucky in the sense that five years ago I worked with Jane Campion [on Top of the Lake]. It was my first nude scene and she gave me 100 percent approval without me asking. Everyone should have it. It means I have 100 percent approval over all the footage and I literally can say, 'You cannot use that scene.'

Elisabeth Moss doesn't have to worry that The Handmaid's Tale will air footage of her that she's uncomfortable with or would rather not be readily available to Hulu subscribers everywhere. According to her comments to THR, she has final say on whether or not a certain scene showing her in a certain way will be released. The Handmaid's Tale's sex scenes are often difficult to watch due to the absolute imbalance of power between the men and the Handmaids, although there are some more romantic sequences in the series as well. Knowing that Moss has full say on which of her sex scenes make the final cut may make it a bit easier to watch June go through some of her terrible ordeals.

The right to judge which of her sensitive scenes are allowed to remain in the episodes is written into her contract for The Handmaid's Tale, so Elisabeth Moss doesn't have to worry about somebody behind the scenes just suddenly changing their mind about including her in the collaborative process. Of course, Moss is also an executive producer on The Handmaid's Tale, so she'd likely have a say in which of her sex scenes make the final cut even if she hadn't included it in her contract.

It's a good thing Elisabeth Moss is apparently pleased with how The Handmaid's Tale is progressing, as the show isn't going anywhere any time soon. Although Season 2 still has several episodes left to air before the big finale, Hulu has already renewed the series for a third season. The renewal isn't a huge shock considering all the awards buzz the first season generated, and fans were anxiously awaiting the premiere of the second season. That said, Season 3 should take the show firmly beyond what renowned author Margaret Atwood wrote in her Handmaid's Tale novel, which was the basis for Season 1.

That said, Margaret Atwood was slated to be more involved with The Handmaid's Tale in Season 2 to continue building the stories of Gilead; perhaps the show will continue to draw on Atwood as a valuable resource. We'll have to wait and see. For now, you can catch new episodes of The Handmaid's Tale on Wednesdays on Hulu. If you're still in the market for other shows in the not-too-distant future, take a look at our summer TV premiere guide. Be sure to stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest in cancellation and renewal news as well .

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