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Arrow fans may still be talking about the crazy Season 6 finale, but Stephen Amell already has his eyes and mind set squarely on Season 7. The actor recently spoke about the upcoming season and teased the show will be taking a new approach to how it tells its stories in Season 7.

I think that it's going to be...we can't go bigger than we went last year, so we're going more specific. . . . We are gonna introduce a new storytelling technique that I'm really excited about. All that I can say.

Stephen Amell couldn't keep a smile from creeping up his face as he talked about the new technique Arrow will use to tell its stories in Season 7. The idea to switch up how the show tells its stories could be tied to new showrunner Beth Schwartz, who has replaced longtime co-showrunners Marc Guggenheim and Wendy Mericle. Amell kept to his word and revealed no further details about what this new method of storytelling will be, but we have to speculate it will be tied to Oliver's incarceration in some way. (And we'll hope it won't involve another five-year cycle of flashbacks.)

After all, Arrow could be jumping a lot between prison and Star City, assuming we're trusting Stephen Amell, who said fans shouldn't expect the Green Arrow to be making any jailbreak situations happen. Amell told TVLine that Oliver would be risking his friends' and families' freedom by breaking out of prison, which indicates the hero will spend more time locked up than Barry Allen did during his stint on The Flash. Given that, it's possible this new storytelling style may mean less of a focus on Oliver himself, and more time devoted to some of the lesser celebrated Arrow characters.

It's possible, although very unlikely, that Oliver could spend a whole season in shackles. Amell simply explained Oliver's motivation to stay in prison, which is a tricky way of skating around the question of how long he'll actually be there. But even if the prison-bouncing angle doesn't apply here, there's still a long list of television storytelling techniques the show has yet to tackle, which is definitely an exciting prospect. Arrow fans were happy to finally see a season with episodes devoid of flashback sequences, so they'll likely be open whatever new technique the show uses to tell its story in Season 7.

Arrow has been renewed for Season 7 and, according to The CW's fall schedule, it will now air Mondays at 9:00 p.m. ET. For a look at upcoming superhero shows to watch while waiting for Season 7, visit our superhero premiere guide. Those looking for a more generalized list of upcoming television in 2018 can find what they need with our summer premiere guide.