Nickelodeon's Double Dare Reboot Finds New Host, Clarifies Marc Summers' Role

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Where TV reboots and revivals are concerned, the least polarizing projects are usually remakes of popular game shows. And with all the success ABC has had with Celebrity Family Feud, Match Game and more, it's no surprise that other channels are just as interested in reclaiming past successes with established hits. Nickelodeon is doing just such a thing with a fully formed reboot for Double Dare, which will return this summer with a brand new host in YouTube entertainer and Freakish star Liza Koshy. The iron-stomached former host Marc Summers, meanwhile, has been confirmed as a color commentator.

Double Dare also got a confirmed premiere date of Monday, June 25, which means Liza Koshy has just over a month to get herself fully acclimated to the celebrated series' unique set and formatting. That said, she's probably already well-versed in a lot of it, considering Nickelodeon likely searched near and far to find the perfect replacement host. The brand will likely always be tied to Marc Summers for older fans -- with that previous reboot host Jason Harris in the shadows -- but Koshy is an established star with plenty of younger-demographic fans that could continue her push into more linear TV projects. And the actress is pumped, too, saying this:

This is a dream that I have been dreaming to live! From watching Double Dare to hosting it!? I am ready for a summer of slime and nose picking.

Liza Koshy is far from the most unlikely choice to bring the family-friendly Double Dare into 2018. There's Viacom synergy, as she's one of the social media correspondents that MTV brought in for its Total Request Live reboot last year, thanks to her YouTube popularity; her videos across two pages have been watched billions of times, and her main page has over 14 million subscribers. She's got Hulu's teen horror Freakish, the upcoming YouTube Red comedy series Liza on Demand, and co-starred in Boo! A Madea Halloween, among other things. How will the 22-year-old star have time for 40 Double Dare episodes?

There is no better pillar of guidance than Marc Summers himself, who hosted Double Dare's various iterations through the late 1980s and early 1990s, and also returned for the specials and events in recent years that built up the energy that made this big reboot a reality. Summers' role in the reboot is to add color commentary to the challenges, assumedly using as many synonyms for "yucky" and "pie-faced" as there are. He'll also give each episode a dose of Double Dare history and knowledge, and hopefully we'll get to learn how some of the show's concoctions are made, Unwrapped-style.

Double Dare is set to try and win over a new generation of slime-lovers when it premieres on Nickelodeon starting on Monday, June 25, at 8:00 p.m. ET. It's going to be a messy one, so be sure to wear your brightest orange galoshes. In the meantime, head to our summer premiere schedule to see what other new shows are on the way, and jump to the next page to watch the first Double Dare promo video that Nickelodeon released.

Below, you'll get a first look at new host Liza Koshy in action in front of the Double Dare backdrop.

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