Ghosted Has Probably Been Cancelled At Fox

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Fox has cancelled a lot of shows in the past couple of weeks, and it sounds like paranormal comedy Ghosted might now be among them. Not much has been heard from the show since Episode 9 aired on January 7, which, naturally, means that fans have been wondering just what's going on with the series. Unfortunately, things aren't looking good for the chances that Ghosted will make it to Season 2.

Apparently, Fox is planning to begin airing the final four episodes of Ghosted at some point in July. And, while summer is the perfect time to get some eyeballs on a fall show that didn't get much attention the first time around, according to TVLine, the goal is not to try to give the series an audience boost so that it can go into a second season with more fans. That's right, even though Ghosted hasn't gotten the official axe from Fox, the show appears to be done; wrapping up this summer with one season of 13 episodes to its name.

Shows that focus on the paranormal don't tend to be half-hour comedies, but Ghosted attempted to buck the trend. The series followed Max (Adam Scott) and Leroy (Craig Robinson) as mix-matched recruits to The Bureau Underground, an organization that investigates unexplained events happening around Los Angeles, which may be tied to a mysterious being that could threaten all of humanity. Max was the show's true believer, as a former Stanford professor whose wife was abducted by aliens, and lost his job when he spoke out about it but no one believed him. While Leroy was the skeptic disgraced-cop-turned-mall-security who needed constant convincing of the existence of things beyond our knowledge and understanding.

Ghosted debuted to mixed to positive reviews last fall, with Rotten Tomatoes giving it a 68% fresh rating based on 25 critic reviews. The show also wasn't, by any means, a complete failure when it came to audience numbers, even though it also never set any Sunday night viewer records on fire. The show reached its peak on that January 7 episode, which was viewed live by 3.89 million people, after taking quite a hit in viewership over the holidays.

The big question now is why, with so many of its shows getting an official cancellation notice, Fox has decided to keep things on the low with regards to the future of Ghosted? Well, it's entirely possible that, especially since the network is burning off a few episodes this summer, those in charge are hoping that not coming right out and saying the show is done will keep those fans that Ghosted does have invested enough to watch those finale episodes, and net them at least some ratings for the trouble of airing the rest of the season.

Well, with Ghosted now, apparently, on the chopping block, Fox has cancelled all of its current comedies, but the network does have some funny shows on tap for next season. To see what's coming up until then, check out our summer premiere guide.

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