Charlie Sheen Says Roseanne's Cancellation Has Paved The Way For Two And A Half Men Reboot

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The controversy surrounding Roseanne's cancellation has elicited a wide array of reactions from audiences and celebrities alike, although none of them are reacting quite the way Charlie Sheen is. While Sheen may see the drama, his recent tweet revealed he sees a primetime television vacancy more and he thinks now is as good a time as any for a Two And A Half Men reboot:

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Charlie Sheen's tweet was accompanied by a picture of a script, which is from a Season 1 episode and not an actual script for a Two and a Half Men reboot or revival. Sheen, who accompanied his tweet with "#CharlieHarperReturns," has found support from folks on Twitter, who are imagining how a revival series would explain away Charlie's death and the whole Ashton Kutcher storyline. Sheen even found an unlikely supporter in Roseanne Barr, who retweeted the tweet despite the negativity Sheen tweeted towards her in his pitch.

For all the support Charlie Sheen received, there are some people who would be necessary key players in a Two and a Half Men revival that opted to ignore Sheen's tweet. Jon Cryer, who has a large presence on Twitter and has been reacting to all the latest Roseanne drama, had nothing to say about Sheen's tweet. Not that anyone would've expected him or any of Sheen's former co-stars to react, as Sheen put all of them in a tight spot when his erratic and unprofessional behavior inevitably got him kicked off the comedy sitcom when he was on it. A reboot with new actors alongside Sheen might be the only way Two and a Half Men could make it back to the airwaves.

The tweet is not the first time Sheen has attempted to get a Two and a Half Men revival going. Series creator Chuck Lorre stated back during the show's finale when there were discussions of bringing Sheen back for a cameo scene, but the actor had other ideas in mind. Sheen didn't like Lorre's pitch, and instead countered with the idea that the series would conclude, but then Lorre would start a new series called The Harpers which would again team up Sheen and co-star Jon Cryer as their respective characters. Ultimately the two parties couldn't reach an agreement, and Sheen's character was played by a body double for Lorre's pitched death scene. Sheen went on a very NSFW rant regarding Lorre following that moment, which would leave many to assume Lorre is not quite as ready as Sheen may be to jump into a new series with him.

Two and a Half Men is not currently on the road for a reboot or revival, but should that change, CinemaBlend will have the details. For a look at upcoming television shows that are coming to television, head on over to our summer premiere guide. For more on Charlie Sheen, be sure to read up on what the actor had to say about a potential Major League reboot.

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