Netflix Had A Perfect Response To Roseanne's Cancellation

Netflix has utilized social media to weigh in on the cancellation of Roseanne with a post reminding viewers that they can find a sitcom to watch elsewhere. So which series is the streaming giant suggesting to take Roseanne's place? Find out by reading Netflix's tweet for yourself below:

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In a bold and rather brilliant move, Netflix's tweet promotes its critically acclaimed sitcom One Day at a Time as the replacement for the cancelled Roseanne. The Netflix series is a modern-day reboot of the identically-titled CBS sitcom that ran in the 70s and the 80s.

In an impressive feat, Netflix also managed to succinctly describe the heart of its revered series in a single tweet. One Day at a Time follows the lives and times of Penelope Alvarez, her two children Elena and Alex, and her mother, Lydia. The response to Netflix's tweet has been exceedingly positive with some fans of the series responding in perfect GIF form.

This is not the first time Netflix's Twitter account has offered sassy commentary. Last December, the streaming platform tweeted an entertaining call-out to subscribers who had repeatedly watched the platform's original movie A Christmas Prince. In a different take, Netflix is using its Twitter account to encourage its subscribers in their viewing habits.

Netflix is not the only one weighing in on what should happen in the aftermath of Roseanne's cancellation. Charlie Sheen has also used Twitter to pitch alternative programming in the form of a Two and a Half Men reboot. Unlike Sheen's proposed revival of the CBS sitcom, Netflix's show suggestion is already available to watch. The first two 13-episode seasons of One Day at a Time are on Netflix, and there are more episodes on the way. Netflix renewed the popular sitcom for Season 3 back in March.

Of course, Netflix did not need to wait for Roseanne's cancellation to begin promoting Once Day at a Time. Netflix has a savvy social media presence and clearly realized in light of the ABC sitcom's cancellation that now is probably the right time to respond with a ready substitution for Roseanne. Without even mentioning Roseanne by name, it addressed the show's cancellation and promoted its own series in a single tweet. Well played, Netflix. Well played.

There is currently no premiere date for One Day at a Time's third season. Each season has traditionally bowed in January. To check out what else is streaming on Netflix this year, check out our 2018 Netflix premiere rundown. If you are also interested in the television content Amazon Prime has to offer, CinemaBlend has you covered there too with this easy guide to all of the new and returning shows set to premiere on the streaming platform in 2018. For some non-streaming options, check out our summer TV premiere schedule.

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