The Drake And Josh House Is Up For Sale, And It's Pretty Expensive

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A house just went up for sale in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley neighborhood, and it's sure to get the pocketbook-reaching attention of any affluent person who was a middle-schooler in the mid-2000s. It could even attract the attention of actors Drake Bell and Josh Peck considering it's the house from the show they built their careers on, Drake & Josh. The TV abode could be the new residence for any fan of the semi-classic live-action Nickelodeon show, provided that fan as the deep pockets to pay off the expensive asking price of $1.85 million!

That's a lot of money to dish out for a home in most places outside of San Fernando Valley, although in that area, it's par for the course. Any extra money tacked on is possibly for the additional structural recognizance brought on by the fact that it appears in every episode of Drake & Josh. Of course, as it usually goes with TV houses, Drake & Josh only utilized the home's exterior for shots from the show, which means the interior layout is very different from what was seen in the series. And that's where a lot of the asking price comes from.

While that's probably a disappointing revelation for anyone who was hoping to purchase the home simply to move into that sweet bedroom Drake Parker and Josh Nichols had in the series, this house is definitely much nicer on the inside than it ever was in Drake & Josh. For starters, it has five bedrooms, which means it would've been kind of weird for the two brothers to be forced into the same sleeping quarters while two other rooms were completely vacant. Then again, maybe there were always five bedrooms in the show's house, but the boys were just too afraid to approach them out of fear that Megan booby-trapped them.

Additional rooms aside, the rest of the pictures TMZ features of this house -- which also includes 5 bathrooms, a luxurious swimming pool, and tennis court --show it is well above the salary of a weatherman alone. Even if Josh was throwing his dad a little extra cash from his gig at the movie theater, there's no way the family could've lived in the real-life version of the Drake & Josh house. That said, actor Josh Peck has quite a bit more scrilla than his fictional character these days, and it's possible he might be in the running to get the house as he was spotted at the residence over the weekend:

For those wanting to revisit the cable-familiar house, Drake & Josh is currently available to stream on Hulu. For a list of shows that are coming to television before the year's end, head on over to our fall premiere guide. Those instead curious as to what 2018 has to offer in terms of new and returning television can head over to our midseason premiere guide. Anyone wondering why their show isn't featured on either list should head over to our cancellation guide and make sure it didn't end up getting dropped.

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