OITNB Season 6 First Look Has Us Pumped To Leave Litchfield

With the summer months finally here, avid TV fans and Netflix are waiting on one thing: a new season of Orange is the New Black. Jenji Kohan's prison based dramedy was one of the first shows on the streaming service, and has remained one of Netflix's flagship properties. Season 5 of OITNB changed the rules of the series, as the inmates took over Litchfield for a few days. This resulted in fatalities, and the entire prison population was rounded up in order to be transferred to two different facilities. Now we know Orange is the New Black will return to TV on July 27th. Check out the announcement video below.

Does anyone else have chills right now? The end of Litchfield Penitentiary is near, and there's no telling what's in store for the show's beloved ensemble cast of inmates.

Following the unsuccessful riot in response to Litchfield's conditions and the death of Poussey, it soon became clear that the inmates would not be going back to their bunks in the minimum security prison. Flaca and Maritza were put into two different buses, with a random CO revealing that they'll be able to keep in touch via letters. Litchfield is getting split up, and the inmates are going to need to rely on each other to survive an even more dangerous environment.

Aside from the location change happening in Season 6, perhaps the biggest mystery about Orange is the New Black is regarding its emotional cliffhanger ending. With almost all of the inmates having been locked back down, a handful of protagonists stayed behind in the pool, and awaited their fate from the armed officers entering the room. That group includes favorites like Piper, Red, Alex, Crazy Eyes, and Taystee. It certainly seemed like one of the group could end up killed in the conflict, especially with Piscatella's blood freshly on their hands and possibly clouding the decision making process.

OITNB's cliffhanger

Considering that Orange is the New Black is already coming on its sixth season on Netflix, one has to wonder how long both the show and its stars will stick around. Ahead of Season 5's release, Danielle Brooks (aka Taystee) revealed that she's contracted with Orange through Season 7, and that the future beyond that is murky. With creator Jenji Kohan creating new content for the streaming service, perhaps 7 Season is long enough to put the narrative to bed. Although considering how rabid the OITNB fandom is, it would also stand to reason for the show to continue on indefinitely.

Orange is the New Black will return for Season 6 on July 27th. In the meantime, check out our summer premiere list to plan your next binge watch. Plus our Amazon premiere list and superhero premiere list to ensure you don't miss a single episode of your favorite show.

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