Watch A Woman Catch A Foul Ball In Her Beer, Then Chug The Beer

While it's arguable that baseball is still America's number one pastime, I'm pretty sure that "drinking beer during baseball" will be around longer than the sport itself. (That makes sense after enough beer, trust me.) During a recent game between the Atlanta Braves and the home team San Diego Padres, one woman mixed her sports and libations in the most fantastic of ways: she caught a foul ball inside a glass of beer...and then chugged the whole shebang! Well, not the baseball itself, but you know what I mean. Check it out!

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It's almost criminally hyperbolic to call baseball spectator Gabby DiMarco a true American hero, and yet I want to just go ahead and grant her the distinction anyway, because probably no other words work better. As the video shows, DiMarco was enjoying a brewski behind home plate when the Braves' Ender Inciarte fouled one into the stands, and the ball apparently took an extremely lucky bounce before landing in DiMarco's beer. Though I guess it could have been an extremely unlucky one, had it bounced off of an old hot dog or a dead bug or something. DiMarco didn't collapse into a fit of nausea, though, so we can assume the ball remained clean-ish throughout its journey.

When someone finds a foul ball suddenly taking refuge inside one's glass of beer, there can only be two forms of action. A: awkwardly try to get the wet ball out of the glass, which inevitably results in having to pour most of the beer out. Or B: down the whole damned thing right there with the cameras capturing every second. The only people choosing the first option are those who don't drink. Everyone else, though, would likely be celebrating in this same way, beat for beat.

Gabby DiMarco was as surprised by her offbeat catch as anyone watching it in the stands and at home. And possibly even the baseball itself, should it have suddenly grown sentient after getting smacked by the bat. But as her amusing friend reportedly put it, no one should have been surprised by DiMarco's next move.

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Sadly for San Diego Padres fans, that beer-soaked catch was the most celebratory moment of the evening, as the final score had the Braves winning 14-1. (At least they managed to win the game the night before.) The teams will play the third game in the series on Wednesday, June 6. To see what primetime TV has to offer when sports aren't available, head to our summer premiere schedule.

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