Mariah Carey Had Some Solid Jokes About Judging American Idol

Mariah Carey
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Mariah Carey has shared some new thoughts on her experience as a judge on American Idol again. This time she shared the positives to judging the singing competition on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The subject came up when Kimmel inquired as to whether it was true that Carey had advised revival judge Lionel Richie against doing the show when he was considering the job. Carey initially said that she should have, although she did not. Then, she decided to clarify, saying:

I was just saying I didn't have the world's best experience on that. . . . I'll tell you, the best part was some of the memes that we got. We got some good memes that were It was bleak. It was a bleak experience. We don't have to go back there. But there were some good hairstyles. We'll stick to the positives. My hairstyles were good. Sorry. I mean everybody else's were great, too. Yay. [slow, sarcastic clap]

This is obviously not the first time Mariah Carey has spoken out about her time on American Idol. It has been four years since she described her experience working on the show in a no-holds-barred kind of way during a highly publicized interview. Carey's time on the show led to some very dramatic moments. So it is nice that she seems to be finding the silver lining in her time on American Idol. Carey and Nicki Minaj both left the show after starring on the show for a single season.

As many fans are likely to recall, Mariah Carey was one of the four judges on the twelfth season of the show. Carey was brought in to replace Jennifer Lopez. In Season 12, Carey starred as a judge alongside Randy Jackson, Nicki Minaj, and Keith Urban. Carey has not been one to hold back about her experience working on the show, and nearly five years later, she still has some things to say about it. She did try to keep it positive though, and at least she will always have the memes.

If you are wondering if Mariah Carey is keeping up with the American Idol reboot, she indicated that she is not. She gave the impression that she did not know if Lionel Richie had gone through with doing the show, and Richie recently wrapped the first season of the revival. Carey is not the only former judge to leave the show in her rearview mirror. Simon Cowell recently shared he is not tuning in.

For the studio audience, what was arguably the best moment of the interview came when Mariah Carey surprised the audience with tickets to see her show. You can see that moment, along with her discussing her show in Vegas and her time on American Idol for yourself via the clip posted on Jimmy Kimmel Live's YouTube channel below:

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