Beware, anyone who hasn't watched Fear the Walking Dead's midseason finale, for there are many spoilers on the way.

Well, the Fear the Walking Dead midseason finale was an explosive and striking way to wrap up what has been this series' most evolved half-season yet. To be expected, barely anyone made it through the episode unscathed, either physically or emotionally. Without any further walker-accompanied ado, let's go over where "No One's Gone" left all the main characters, starting off with how Season 4's resolved its biggest mystery.


Considering Kim Dickens' O.G. protagonist hadn't appeared in any of Season 4's current-timeline scenes, Madison surviving the stadium's destruction seemed about as likely as Charlie finding a cure for the walker outbreak. (Read more about it here.) It was revealed that Madison and Althea had crossed paths before anyone moved into the stadium, and that she'd given Al her story. Alicia, who watched the aformentioned tape, finally revealed what happened to Madison, and it wasn't a happy-go-lucky tale. Unable to find a way to get Alicia and Nick (and Mel) out of their walker-surrounded vehicle, Madison took on the role of the pied piper, using a flare to lead the undead herd into the stadium for an all-inclusive immolation. Madison's selfless sacrifice is almost cheapened by Nick's previously revealed death, but in a vacuum, those final scenes were among the show's most beautiful and heartbreaking. I'll probably never look at ramen the same way.

Alicia, Strand and Lucy

For the most part, Strand and Lucy were just along for the ride in the episode, serving largely as enforcers and to supplement the big Madison reveal. Alicia, though, went through the emotional gamut throughout the ep. With the verve of a slasher movie villain, Alicia used grenades to announce her arrival to the group inside the armored truck, and later got into a righteous brawl with Al after making her way inside said vehicle. But once she discovered Madison's video interview, Alicia's thick and brittle exterior started to chip away, and it completely fractured after hearing Madison's hopes and dreams for her kids' futures. Any remaining pieces were vanquished after Morgan echoed Madison's thoughts on how much virtue still remains within Alicia, which is why she was able to share the story in the first place. But she might finally be at peace now.

John and Naomi/June

Jenna Elfman's truth-curtailing character revealed to John that she hadn't told anyone her real name yet, which Is June. And it just so happens to be John's favorite month. Beyond that curious reveal, John spent the episode laid out in Al's truck, basically waiting to die, going so far as to record a farewell message for both the recent love of his life and Morgan. But was able to retrieve medical supplies from the stadium's makeshift infirmary -- the rare fully successful plan on any Fear the Walking Dead episode -- and she was able to bring John back around to a point where he was no longer knocking on death's door. And if the trailer for the back half of Season 4 is any indication, John will likely be up on his feet before much longer.

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