For anyone who hasn't yet watched Fear the Walking Dead's Season 4 premiere, which served as the big crossover episode with The Walking Dead, there are major spoilers below.

Instead of calling back to the explosive way Season 3 left off its main characters, Fear the Walking Dead kicked off its super-fun Season 4 with several different Walking Dead cameos that launched Morgan's crossover arc. Which is how we eventually met the tough and pragmatic Althea, the new survivor portrayed by Lost vet Maggie Grace. CinemaBlend spoke with the actress ahead of the premiere, and though she was tasked with being fairly tight-lipped by Fear's powers-that-be, I still learned several interesting facts about Althea, whose hand should permanently be "on the lever" as far as I'm concerned. Let's kick things off with what came before now.

Althea's Past And Present

The first thing we learn about Althea is that she drives a monster of a weaponized vehicle, but later, we learn that journalistic ideals are partially guiding her interactions with others. As we saw when she used a videocamera to interview John and (eventually) Morgan, Althea is clearly interested in collecting any remaining stories of human survival that she comes across. When I asked Maggie Grace about how Althea's motivations and her past on that front, here's what she told me:

I think they're certainly multi-layered. On one hand, history is rebooting, and what are we leaving for those who come after? On the other, I think there's a very practical side of warning various groups about others, and keeping tabs on how different societies are operating. Sharing that information can be quite helpful. And then on a personal level, I think it gives her meaning and a reason to get up in the morning. And it's who she is. It's who she's always been. So in more ways in one, she's picking up right where she left off before the apocalypse. . . . Before the world collapsed, she's one of the lucky ones that life prepared her to survive under these circumstances.

Althea is clearly someone with a lot of knowledge inside her head, with various levels all working together not only to keep her alive, but to keep a record of humanity alive. She's doing so not only by taking video records of people sharing their stories, but apparently by also sharing her information with others in the world. As well as warning them about thieves and other villainous miscreants out there, which probably includes whoever put the "51" and other numbered markers up. I wonder what Althea knows about that situation, and how much she'll be sharing with the Clark family. (For those wondering, Grace says Althea is all about them rechargeable batteries for her camera.)

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