One Tree Hill Stars Reunited For Some Kind Of Mystery Project

For all the TV revivals in the works out there, it's kind of amazing how few established dramas have entered those conversations, with sitcoms getting the bulk of the revamped attention. But while nothing has been confirmed just yet, it looks like some former stars of the celebrated CW hit One Tree Hill have reunited for a project that already has fans going berserk with anticipation. But what exactly is happening here?

This details behind this story appeared and disappeared in short order, which obviously adds to the mystery, but here's what we know. On Monday, June 11, four former One Tree Hill stars took to social media with image posts that all shared a "#Christmas2018" tag, and all referred to some kind of new project being put together. Those stars include Hilarie "Peyton Scott/Sawyer" Burton, Danneel "Rachel Gatina" Ackles, Robert "Clay Evans" Buckley, and Antwon "Skills Taylor" Tanner, all of whom later deleted said posts without any specific reasons given.

Antwon Tanner said the most in his post, according to TVLine, stating that he was "on set working with some oldies but goodies," saying there's a "new project coming soon." Robert Buckley had a slightly sarcastic post saying that it is "always great making new friends on set." Meanwhile, Hilarie Burton's "Behind the scenes..." message and Danneel Ackles' "Hmmmmmm..." message offered even less context to go along with the hashtag.

To make things even more obviously connected, each of the stars' pictures was clearly taken with the co-stars in the background of the shot, proving that this is no random coincidence. Check out the images collected together in the fan tweet below.

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For this to be a properly sizable One Tree Hill reunion, the mystery project would probably need quite a few more cast members involved. although something could still be done with just these four. It probably wouldn't be the most direct follow-up, considering only Robert Buckley was a series regular in Season 9. Hilarie Burton exited the show after Season 6, Janneel Ackles' recurring stint ended in Season 7, and Antwon Tanner recurred for just five episodes in that final season. But hey, what are reunions for if not catching up with people we haven't seen in a long time?

A potential One Tree Hill reunion is much better news for fans of the teen drama than the last major headline inspired by the show. That would have been when creator Mark Schwann was fired from The Royals over sexual harassment allegations, which prompted some to come forth and claim that similar instances occurred on One Tree Hill. So to that end, one hopes that the drama can get some kind of a reunion special going without Schwann's input, and without leading to any litigious issues.

What say ye, One Tree Hill fanatics? Are we going to see these beloved characters returning in some form by Christmas, or will it be something else entirely, like a Hallmark movie? Stay tuned. And hit up our summer premiere schedule to see all the new and returning shows that are definitely on the way soon.

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