Is The Jerry Springer Show Completely Over With Now? Here's The Latest

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As one of the most popular and long-lasting daytime talk shows, The Jerry Springer Show seemed destined to keep putting out new episodes for as long as people would continue to have relationship problems that may or may not involve stalkers, strippers or slap-fights. But that might not be the case at all. The show's new home, The CW, currently has no plans to go back into production on any new episodes, so there's a decent chance the very last "Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!" crowd chant may have already been hollered.

To go into a little background, it was recently reported that NBCUniversal was ending The Jerry Springer Show's production, and that the staff had been alerted back in April. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the show found a quick savior in The CW, who signed on to bring Jerry Springer to its afternoon lineup to air alongside former Springer security man Steve Wilkos. (It replaces The Robert Irvine Show, which similarly stopped its production earlier this year.) Unfortunately for fans who just can't get enough of family members throwing chairs at one another, THR reports that the CW deal is currently just to air repeats from the 4,000+ episodes that have been produced since 1991, without any cemented plans to film more.

There is a small glimmer of hope to be found here, in that The CW has yet to cement any decisions to NOT produce more The Jerry Springer Show episodes in the future. So should fans go into revolt-mode over this move, it's possible that a big enough backlash would convince The CW that signing on for more Jerry Springer installments is exactly what the court-appointed doctor ordered. But in the meantime, it's said that the show's staff is currently seeking employment elsewhere, so one would hope that positive news would happen rather quickly.

Having started off as a fairly straightforward talk show back in 1991, with the former Cincinnati mayor on the mic, The Jerry Springer Show didn't take long to morph into its far more recognizable iteration, in which incest and infidelity sometimes go hand in hand. It spent much of the later '90s and early '2000s as one of the most popular guilty pleasures on TV, having spawned the "Too Hot for TV" craze of video releases. Hollywood even came calling with the ridiculously low-brow The Ringmaster, and Springer has remained a pop culture icon of sorts, with his show getting referenced all over the place. Springer even recently took part in a rap battle for TBS' Drop the Mic.

While Maury Povich and Judge Judy are still out there in daytime TV land, and likely won't be leaving soon, just about everyone else from the talk show heyday of the 1990s has been long gone, and Jerry Springer just might be the next one to go. Stay tuned for more information in the future, and head to our summer premiere schedule to see what'll be popping up on the small screen soon.

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