How Sammi Sweetheart Reacted To Her Sex Doll On Jersey Shore Family Vacation

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Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola opted not to return for Jersey Shore Family Vacation with the rest of her ex-Shoremates, and while fans surely have missed seeing the "sweetest bitch you'll ever meet" on television, the revival delivered arguably the next best thing. Audiences and the rest of the Jersey Shore cast thought the Sammi Sweetheart sex doll was an absolute riot, but some had to wonder if Sammi felt the same way. Pauly D spoke to his friend and former castmate after the Sammi doll made its debut, and he has assured fans she's cool with it:

I have [talked to her] and she gets the joke, she knows it was all in good fun. I'm glad too, 'cause I was like, 'Shoot, I hope she doesn't hate me,' you know?

Sammi Sweetheart is able to take the joke at her expense which, in all honesty, is further evidence that the Jersey Shore cast members have matured with age. (Or at least the one of them who doesn't live with a sex doll.) People running their mouths or making jokes about castmates when the victim wasn't around could often be considered grounds for instant fights on Jersey Shore, but Sammi is above the drama. Of course, Jersey Shore Family Vacation fans may have been able to assume that much already, considering the reality star opted out of the lavish, network-sponsored vacation to avoid hanging out with her long-term ex-boyfriend Ronnie Magro.

Deena Nicole-Cortese backed up Pauly D's assertion that Sammi is a fan of her "lookalike" doll on Jersey Shore Family Vacation, saying they spoke about the goofy prop as well. Deena, who caused some early drama in the Miami shore-house by defending Sammi in front of Ronnie, said the absentee Shore vet thinks the voice box that spouts off her most iconic lines from the original series is a nice touch. In Deena's words:

I was, like, 'What do you think about the doll?' And she was like, 'Whatever.' She was like, 'Actually, the voice box is pretty funny,' So I was like, 'See, she's a good sport!'

Deena and Pauly D were confident Sammi thinks the sex doll replacement was funny, but neither was too sure whether she might return to the franchise for Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 2. ET reported the cast did express interest in a scenario where Sammi could join the crew temporarily while Ronnie is off elsewhere, which could provide a chance for her to still get involved. Pauly D was the mastermind who rung up Angelina to return for a spell in the revival, and he already seems to be the most excited about Sammi returning, so it wouldn't be too surprising if someone ends up floating that idea out there as Season 2 continues production.

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