The Last Ship Star Reveals Season 5 Time Jump

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The Last Ship will set sail for one final ride sometime this year, and now a star of the series has revealed some of what fans can expect from Season 5. Bridget Regan recently revealed that the show will once again skip forward in time to show the next big adventure for the show's characters, as opposed to continue on with the effort to recover from the events in Season 4:

We do jump ahead, again, quite a lot of time --- which we did for Season 4, which I liked. It shows that the writers are only showing you the really exciting stuff that's happening in this world. The actual nuts and bolts of spreading the new, healthy crop, feeding people... we skip past that until we come up to our next big challenge.

Fans should appreciate The Last Ship's time jump in Season 5 as well, as the TNT drama will again only have 10 episodes to wrap up its adventure. Bridget Regan explained to TVLine that the show wouldn't waste any episodes on the world's rehabilitation following the Red Rust incident, and instead jump well ahead into the future to take on an entirely new threat. Based on teaser footage from Season 5, it appears Tom Chandler and The Last Ship's other characters will go head-to-head with a Latin American revolutionary who is launching coordinated attacks on the American people.

Luckily, the USS Nathan James is no longer "The Last Ship," and will have a more operational Navy to take on this threat. The bad news is that said threat appears to be the biggest issue the show has faced yet, with an American general in a room with a map describing the battle tactics and methods similar to that of World War II. That's quite a bar The Last Ship has set for its final storyline, and we can only hope the show can live up to that level of hype so that it can end things on a high note.

As high as the bar may be, The Last Ship fans should squash any hopes they have of the series performing well enough to sway TNT into granting it a Season 6. Rumors had been swirling the show would end after Season 5 even prior to the network's announcement, as castmember Travis Van Winkle had accidentally spilled the beans when referring to Season 5's completed production as a "series wrap" on a now-deleted Instagram post. The good news is that it appears that the cast and crew all seemed aware Season 5 would be the show's last, which means fans shouldn't have to worry about the show not getting a proper and conclusive ending.

The Last Ship Season 5 is coming to TNT but doesn't have a premiere date. For a look at some summer shows that do, head on over to our summer premiere guide and pick an exciting show to stick with over the next few months.

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