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The Walking Dead Vet Chandler Riggs Would Be Down To Join The Arrow-verse

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One of the biggest TV moments of 2018 so far was definitely the zombie-caused demise of The Walking Dead's Carl Grimes, who became the show's latest comic-thwarting death. Fans of former star Chandler Riggs have been anxiously waiting for the young actor to get involved with another major franchise, with many clamoring for him to become the new face of a superhero property. And if he had his pick of the bunch, Riggs says he would be down to get on board with The CW's Arrow-verse as part of The Flash.

Honestly, I really like both, but The Flash is one of my favorite shows of all time. So I would say something DC.

Chandler Riggs expressed his interest in some DC franchise action as part of the Walking Dead panel for the Fandemic Tour 2018 in Sacramento. And when moderator Clare Kramer brought up that there is room for him on The Flash, he quickly responded with:

Yeah, I hope so. We'll see!

Now, we all know that it takes a lot more than just a random fan-fest declaration to bring to life a TV gig of that capacity, and since The Flash writers are already in the thick of putting Season 5 together, Chandler Riggs doesn't have a very good shot of landing a series regular role right out of the gate. That said, The Flash's plethora of villains allows for a bunch of different (and usually interesting) casting choices to be made each year, as temporary as they may be. So it's neither an impossibility nor an implausibility that the show's producers could bring Riggs in as a one-off meta, or even as someone more substantial.

The Arrow-verse is losing Wally West going into the new seasons, with The Flash's premiere being his last episode for the near future. But Wally was fully part of the Legends of Tomorrow squad earlier this year, so his absence doesn't create much of a void on the Scarlet Speedster's show. Plus, the core squad of Team Flash members added Cecile and Ralph as full-time members for Season 5, thanks to the respective actors getting series regular promotions. The same goes for Nora West-Allen, the former Mystery Girl whose time travel antics will fuel the Season 5 storyline. But there is always room for more characters that look remarkably like Chandler Riggs!

Even before his Walking Dead future had been figured out, Chandler Riggs had auditioned for Spider-Man: Homecoming, though nothing became of that, obviously, with Tom Holland winning the role. But even with his music career and his film career growing in Carl Grimes' shadow, Riggs still seems like he's destined for another huge role in the near future. And hey, The Flash definitely welcomes big stars from other mega-franchises, such as Harry Potter vet Tom Felton, who had a large enough presence in Season 3.

With or without Chandler Riggs in the mix, The Flash Season 5 will debut on The CW on Tuesday, October 9, at 8:00 p.m. ET. Check out the rest of The CW's fall schedule, and head to our summer premiere schedule to see the rest of what primetime has to offer.

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