Paul Rudd's Fans Still Ask Him About Friends A Lot, As It Should Be

Paul Rudd is a big name in the superhero world ever since he joined the MCU as Scott Lang, a.k.a. Ant-Man. Thanks to his appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as in projects like Anchorman, I Love You Man, and Wet Hot American Summer over the years, he is quite recognizable. As it turns out, one of the roles that fans still ask him most about is the one he played on Friends, despite appearing in fewer than 20 episodes. Rudd revealed the three characters he's most asked about, saying this:

It's changed over time. Usually if I'm walking down the street now, people just go, 'Ant-Man.' And then every once in a while they'll say, 'Slap the bass.' They'll say that to me. And then sometimes I'll get, 'How's Phoebe?' Those are the only three.

"Slap the bass" is a reference to 2011's I Love You, Man, and of course Paul Rudd gets calls of Ant-Man, but who could have guessed that fans on the street still remember him for his role as Phoebe's last love interest, eventual husband, and temporary holder of the name "Crap Bag?" Rudd revealed these three recognizable roles in an appearance on Good Morning America while doing press for Ant-Man and the Wasp, which hits theaters in July.

Friends is one of the most popular sitcoms of all time, to the point that fans are still asking cast and creators alike if a reboot and/or revival could be in the works. A revival has been debunked time and time again, and we can probably rule out the pals hanging out in Central Perk ever again, but the love for Friends will never end.

Paul Rudd of all people getting approached because of his Friends role is a sign of the show's enduring fanbase. Rudd played Mike, who appeared first in the beginning of Season 9 and then appeared in 17 episodes by the time the final credits rolled in the Season 10 series finale.

Despite marrying Phoebe and becoming the first love interest outside of the central six to marry into the group without a wrong name being dropped at the wedding, Mike never really became part of the group, so it would have been understandable if the character was mostly forgotten... if we were talking about any other show. Friends forever!

Besides, who among us doesn't want to know how Phoebe is doing right about now? Friends came to an end more than 14 years ago, and a lot can happen over that many years. The finale ended with Phoebe and Mike deciding that they want to get started on a family of their own, and Phoebe's idea of just stealing one of Monica and Chandler's new twins didn't come to fruition. Have they made their own little von Trapp family, without the Nazis? Where have their lives taken them? Are they less dysfunctional than Ross and Rachel?

We can only wonder. If you're now in the mood for some Friends, you can find all ten seasons -- including Paul Rudd's 17 episodes as Mike -- streaming on Netflix. Our 2018 Netflix schedule can point you toward some other streaming options, and our summer TV guide is worth a look as well.

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