Jeffrey Dean Morgan Has A Message For Some Walking Dead Fans

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan has often been a part of big projects with large and dedicated fanbases, from Grey's Anatomy to Supernatural to Watchmen, and he entered into a whole new fandom-heavy realm by joining The Walking Dead as the deadly villain Negan. Reactions to the character have varied wildly, but many of the show's fans have wholly embraced Morgan's presence. Unfortunately, however, some of the actor's devotees have gotten uncomfortably overzealous in far too up-close-and-personal ways. Here's the actor's warning to those Walking Dead zealots and others:

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Thanks to the Internet and social media, pop culture fanatics have more access to celebrities than ever before, though not everyone realizes that the interactions are supposed to end there. It appears Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who has been just as vocal about Negan's naysayers as his fans, has been dealing with some unwanted onlookers sidestepping his privacy. Not only are people driving up to his abode for their picture-taking, which can be disruptive enough as it is, but they're also parking, getting out of the car, and knocking on his door. Presumably for few other reasons beyond asking for pictures and professing their adoration for Morgan and The Walking Dead.

Clearly, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is not one for surprise houseguests, especially when they're complete strangers whose visits aren't made for Morgan's benefit. And the take-no-bullshit actor not only wants the onlookers to know that they're being rude and creepy, but also that they're on camera whenever their sight-seeing pit stops are made outside his house. It doesn't seem like anyone has caused any property damage or anything else warranting the police to be called in; but if it happens, Morgan is all set to submit the visual evidence that makes any offending fans' lives worse.

We can only hope that no mysterious RVs pull up outside of Jeffrey Dean Morgan's house, as preceded by a bunch of hard-nosed dudes and women on motorcycles. Nothing good can come from that kind of situation. Of course, maybe the unwanted guests would get scared away after seeing the actor's kid going all Negan on a melon.

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Though Jeffrey Dean Morgan's situation is obviously an unfortunate one, the tweet itself inspired some laughs, with former Sons of Anarchy and Bates Motel star Ryan Hurst chiming in to joke about being trapped inside of Morgan's basement. One good leather-wearing badass deserves another, after all. Amusingly enough, Hurst's tweet quickly drew comments that his Sons character Opie was better than Charlie Hunnam's Jax. Fans are gonna be fans.

The Walking Dead Season 9 is heading to AMC on Sundays this fall, with Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes set to say farewell before the midseason finale. While waiting, check out how Jeffrey Dean Morgan would feel about returning to Watchmen, and then head to our summer premiere schedule to see all the new and returning shows on the way.

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