The Psych TV Movie Sequel Will Include A Lot More Of One Character

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While the sequel to the Psych movie may have hit a bit of a delay, details about the follow-up movie's script are circulating. And there is a crucial tidbit that should most assuredly elate fans. Fans can prepare to see a lot more of Carlton "Lassie" Lassiter in the sequel to the popular TV movie. While the character was briefly seen in Psych: The Movie, his role sounds as though it will be even larger in the sequel.

Carlton Lassiter had a brief appearance in Psych: The Movie due to the state of actor Timothy Omundson's health at the time. The result of a stroke he endured last year. The actor is continuing to recover and recently offered a positive news update regarding his health. In a recent tweet by Omundson, he replied to a fan inquiring about his health by saying he is "doing very well these days." Now "Psych-Os" can expect to see the actor back in action as the fan favorite.

The "big way," TV Line reports Lassiter will be back in the movie will remain a mystery for a while longer, albeit this exciting news will help tide fans over as they wait. It was recently revealed that due to the busy schedules of Psych leads James Roday and Dulé Hill, production on the movie sequel had been pushed a bit to accommodate their schedules. Both actors are busy with their respective television shows, the ABC drama A Million Little Things and USA's legal hit Suits.

For now, fans can enjoy scoop such as this regarding the upcoming movie. With the script reportedly set to go, the next theoretical step will be getting it placed on-camera. Psych-Os have got a lot to look forward to that's for sure.

Details surrounding the sequel should be more readily available as we get closer to production moving into full swing. Unlike many sequels to other entertainment entities, this is one fans want, and it will be able to feature the series' four central cast members prominently. So while the second movie has a lot to live up to given the popularity of the first, there is every reason to believe it can.

The news surrounding the sequel this week comes as the anniversary of the show's premiere has been imminent. It is hard to believe, but July 7 marks the twelve-year anniversary of Psych's premiere (via IMDb). The series bowed on July 7, 2006. Happy Anniversary Psych!

No premiere date has been set for the Psych: The Sequel on USA, so stay tuned. Unfortunately, a binge of the series is not possible on Netflix, since it is no longer streaming there. For new and returning television shows you can anticipate watching over the next couple months, check out CinemaBlend's guide to TV's summer premieres.

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