Shadowhunters Just Got New Hope For Season 4

(Image credit: John Medland/Freeform)

Fans of Freeform's Shadowhunters are not giving up on their show without a fight. Taking their battle to streaming networks such as Netflix and Amazon, the hope to be heard and the effort to save the beloved series has only grown stronger. After a lot of hard work, it sounds as though the concerted efforts of fans may finally be making some headway towards keeping the show alive. And that's because discussions to save it are continuing to be had.

With the fan effort #SaveShadowhunters reaching new heights and visibility worldwide, Shadowhunters producer Martin Moszkowicz has shared that talks to continue the series are ongoing, per Deadline. The battle to save the show began after Freeform announced it had cancelled the supernatural drama, therefore making the second half of the show's third season its last. To help bring closure to what has unexpectedly become Shadowhunters' final season, Freeform ordered two more hours to flesh out the series finale.

For fans, twelve more episodes are not enough when it comes to the show they love. This year, similar fan campaigns have led series to find new homes, such as Fox's Lucifer making the move to Netflix while SyFy's cancelled series The Expanse is headed to Amazon. Given the success of those shows' campaigns, there is hope the efforts of Shadowhunters fans will prevail to similar results. The only time to consider losing faith is when discussions to save the show have truly reached their end.

Based on what Shadowhunters' producer Martin Moszkowicz is saying, those talks are not over. Thankfully, fans of the show have gotten a significant head start on the campaign to save the series. The second half of Season 3, currently slated to be its last, is not set to arrive until the spring of 2019. That has given Shadowhunters fans a strong timeframe to begin the campaign, which will hopefully resolve itself with the show's pick-up. Will it be Netflix who saves it?

The streaming giant has every reason to. And given its history of saving shows, including the supernatural drama mentioned above, it seems like a strong candidate for a Shadowhunters' extended life. While fans await confirmation of the show's definitive rescue, the campaign to save it will continue. Given its visibility on social media, the skies, and similar efforts around the world, it is impossible for a streaming platform not to notice. Here is hoping they give fans what they desire: Shadowhunters Season 4 and beyond.

With producers continuing the fight to save the series, news on the campaign to save Shadowhunters should not be far off. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend as the story develops. For television shows you can watch while you await word, check out CinemaBlend's guide to TV's summer premieres.

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