Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles TV Show Has Found A Streaming Home

Tom Cruise Lestat de Lioncourt Interview With A Vampire

Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles project has been in a bit of an undead state for the past couple of years, but now it's looking as though things are finally beginning to move forward for it once more. The potential TV show has found a new home, and with so many high profile franchises headed in the same direction as of late, it should come as little surprise that a streaming platform won out the rights. Hulu is the new home for Vampire Chronicles, and the network just put the drama back into development following its acquisition.

Hulu's obtaining of Vampire Chronicles was said to result from a highly competitive situation with multiple outlets pursuing the drama. THR reported the deal means Hulu will now develop the television drama, which is based on an original script written by author Anne Rice's son, award-winning novelist Christopher Rice. Both Anne Rice and Christopher will executive produce the project, which also at one point had Bryan Fuller on board. Fuller exited the project earlier this year, stating that he chose to step back rather than step on the toes of the Rice family, whom he considers his friends. The project is currently searching for his replacement.

Anne Rice first announced her intention to have her vampire franchise adapted for television in November of 2016, shortly after the theatrical rights to the franchise reverted to her. Months later, 11 books from the series were optioned by Paramount TV and Anonymous Content, and the search was on to find a network willing to air the TV adaptation of the successful vampire franchise. This new deal with Hulu will extend Paramount Television's relationship with the streaming service, which was already collaborating to bring George Clooney's Catch-22 to the platform.

Vampire Chronicles is a big get for Hulu, even if the era of vampires in pop culture isn't quite what it was during the Twilight and True Blood years. Anne Rice's book series has sold over 100 million copies since Interview With A Vampire was first published in 1976, and many people still love the major motion picture that starred Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and others. With over 20 years passed and several books having been released since the film, this may be one of those rare instances in the modern day where something classic is rebooted and there aren't large groups of fans pushing against it.

With Vampire Chronicles currently in search of a showrunner, it will likely be a long time before the show makes its premiere on Hulu. That's not a huge deal at the moment, as there are still plenty of great shows coming to television each and every day. Check out what's new or returning and keep up with the action via our summer premiere guide.

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