Family Feud's Steve Harvey Is Speechless Over Surprising Answer From Sherri Shepherd

Steve Harvey is known for bringing the laughs on Celebrity Family Feud. Another part of his job is dealing with his share of jaw-dropping answers from contestants. Such was the case during a recent episode of the popular game show, as Sherri Shepherd and Ian Ziering were going head-to-head in the "face-off" challenge. See what Shepherd answered when asked to "name something a lady cop might do to her husband in the bedroom" in the video below:

And the survey says: this has to be one of the most surprising answers ever to be shared on Family Feud, be it on the show's celebrity edition, or on the original version! There is a lot to unpack when it comes to this clip. To his immense credit, Steve Harvey managed to help the show recover following Sherri Shepherd's shocking reply. It is pretty evident that Shepherd had to know that her answer would not be one of the top six responses to the query.

But, she decided to go with it anyway, despite knowing that it could have consequences to the outcome of the game. Clearly, the game show's contestants' replies are unscripted, and when things fly off-the-cuff these sorts of shockers are bound to happen. It is times like these that you have to appreciate the strength of the host, as well as one who has mastered the art of facial expressions.

Steve Harvey's response to Sherri Shepherd's answer was simply everything. After getting a hold of the situation, Harvey gently reminded Shepherd that Family Feud is a game show and not therapy. It is, of course, a television show and Shepherd did manage to get a very memorable response from Harvey.

As you can tell from the clip, the former co-host of The View's shocking reply was not one of the correct answers. While Sherri Shepherd got that answer wrong, the Shepherd family still came out on top on Celebrity Family Feud, finishing the episode victorious over the Zierings. So, as the adage goes, "all's well that ends well."

It is difficult to imagine anyone being able to top Sherri Shepherd's answer in terms of shock value. No one could have really seen that one coming. While the show is called Family Feud, some of the answers are not always family friendly, as you can tell from the clip. Will future contestants be inclined to try and top Shepherd's response? You will have to tune and see, but the likely answer is probably.

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