Supergirl Has Added Another DC TV Vet As Comic Character Agent Liberty

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Supergirl has been casting iconic DC actors to tackle new roles from the very beginning, ranging from Dean Cain of Lois & Clark to Helen Slater of the Supergirl movie to Lynda Carter herself. The show has also cast multiple actors of Smallville fame, and now one more will join the ranks. Sam Witwer, who played Davis Bloome on Smallville, has joined Supergirl, and he'll tackle the role of the DC Comics character Agent Liberty.

Sam Witwer will play the Supergirl adaptation of DC Comics' Agent Liberty, and fans can count on seeing plenty of him in the upcoming fourth season. Witwer is on board as a series regular. His version of Agent Liberty is the founder and figurehead of an organization known as the Children of Liberty. If that name strikes you as something positive like a charity or a volunteer group, you are unfortunately very wrong.

The Children of Liberty is a hate group with a focus on a world with human rights first, which likely means that he'll be a foe to Supergirl, J'onn J'onzz, and President Marsdin, to name only a few of Supergirl's alien good guys. A brilliant orator, Agent Liberty hides his darker side under the guise of a family man. Agent Liberty can easily convince those around him that his arguments are correct, making him a very dangerous enemy to have.

If Agent Liberty can sway public opinion against Supergirl and other aliens, their safety in National City and perhaps elsewhere could be very much in question. Ruthless in the pursuit of his nefarious goals, Agent Liberty should cause plenty of trouble for Team Supergirl. Who needs Lena to go full villain when there's an Agent Liberty on the scene? Obviously we can't say too much about the character until we see him for ourselves in Season 4, but it sounds like he's going to be very different from his comic counterpart.

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The Agent Liberty of DC Comics lore isn't a villain at all, let alone one who can be described as "ruthless" and "terrifying." In fact, the original Agent Liberty was a superhero who left behind his job as a government agent after becoming disgusted with the methods practiced by the C.I.A. Thanks to the training that made him an exceptional agent, he is a formidable fighting force, and he equips himself with a high-tech suit with all kinds of weapons and defensive measures.

The comics version of Agent Liberty doesn't have any superpowers, so it should be interesting to see if this at least holds true for Supergirl's adaptation. He could still have the high-tech suit and the fighting skills, even if he doesn't have the same background and respect for life. Given that Agent Liberty isn't the most well-known hero from the pages of DC Comics, perhaps comic fans who regularly tune in won't be bothered by any changes.

I know I'm excited to see what Sam Witwer can do with the character. An accomplished voice actor as well as actor on camera, he has played heroes and villains alike. Agent Liberty could allow him to stretch his acting muscles more than ever. Only time will tell.

Supergirl will move to a new night in the fall, and big changes are in store for the Arrow-verse. Swing by The CW's fall schedule to see what's in store. More Supergirl and Arrow-verse news is on the way courtesy of San Diego Comic-Con, so be sure to stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest developments. For what you can watch now and in the not-too-distant future, check out our summer TV guide.

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