Demi Lovato's Episode Of Beat Shazam Pulled By Fox Hours Before Airing

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Beat Shazam has become a staple of Fox summer programming over the past two seasons, bringing some game show shenanigans to primetime with host Jamie Foxx and a slew of celebrity guests. Demi Lovato was slated to appear on the July 24 episode of Beat Shazam, but Fox made the decision to pull the episode at this time due to Lovato's reported hospitalization earlier in the day. Here's what's happening.

News broke in the afternoon on July 24 that actress/singer Demi Lovato was hospitalized after overdosing on heroin, which comes not too long after she released a single revealing that she had relapsed in the drug addiction that she has struggled with over her years in the spotlight. Lovato was reportedly treated with the medication used in response to heroin overdoses, and she is reportedly now in stable condition in Los Angeles. Her condition was reported when authorities were called to her house shortly before noon in Hollywood.

The episode of Beat Shazam on which Demi Lovato was scheduled to appear was set to air in only hours, and Fox made the decision to pull the episode in favor of another. Fox released this statement (via Deadline) regarding the choice to pull the episode:

Tonight's previously scheduled episode of Beat Shazam featured a guest appearance by Demi Lovato. In light of recent reports, we have decided to replace the episode of Beat Shazam with another all-new episode. Our thoughts go out to Demi and her family.

Fox clearly sends its sympathy to the singer and her family in this difficult time, and the network did not share any details about what went into the decision to remove the originally-scheduled episode from the July 24 lineup. Only time will tell if the episode ever hits the airwaves on Fox. If Lovato makes a quick recovery and perhaps says that she'd like to see the episode air, I could see Fox fitting the episode back into the lineup, but we'll have to wait and see. It might be more respectful to Lovato and her family if the episode never sees the light of day.

The Beat Shazam episode was filmed back in December, well before her single "Sober" was released to reveal that she had relapsed after a [number of years][1]. The promo for the episode showed a Lovato who appeared excited and enthusiastic about all things Beat Shazam. It seems like a bizarre coincidence that happened to have her episode of Beat Shazam slated to air on the same day as her tragic hospitalization.

[1]: sober

Our thoughts here at CinemaBlend are with Demi Lovato, her friends, family, and loved ones in this difficult time. The replacement episode and subsequent episodes of Beat Shazam air Tuesdays on Fox at 8 p.m. ET, and our summer TV guide.

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