Kunal Nayyar Doesn’t Mind That Raj Is The Last Big Bang Theory Lead To Find Love

Raj's blue steel on The Big Bang Theory

Kunal Nayyar is The Big Bang Theory cast member fans are most likely to see at Comic-Con and this year was no exception. The actor was on hand for this year's Writers Room panel for the hit CBS sitcom. While he can't speak on how episodes are written, he did touch on a few topics related to his Big Bang Theory character Raj. One of them has to do with Raj's love life or lack thereof on the series. The actor revealed, however, that he doesn't mind being the one main character on The Big Bang Theory to not find long-term romance. He said,

I enjoy it. I enjoy being the single guy. Seriously, it's really fun. You get to explore different aspects, have many potential guest stars you know?

It's not that Raj has been totally out of the loop in the romance department. After an unfortunate crush which saw him coveting Bernadette even though she was with Howard, he's moved on in the dating pool. We've seen him with people like Lucy and Emily Sweeney. In Season 11 he dated a woman named Nell, although that didn't work out, either. Now that Sheldon and Amy have tied the knot on The Big Bang Theory, he's the only one of the main cast members who isn't married, yet.

Although Kunal Nayyar says he's loving the single life, and also mentioned on the panel he'd love a Big Bang Theory spinoff with an older, fatter, still-single Raj, showrunner Steve Holland called him out on his bluff. He said that during a table read for the finale last season, Nayyar did show a little bit of annoyance that Raj hasn't found his main squeeze yet. Per Holland:

I remember when you did the table read for the finale and Stuart's character, you know has a date and you came up and you're like, 'Even Stuart, really?!'

As you probably remember, during Amy and Sheldon's wedding, Stuart convinces Denise to go with him to the wedding, although she really only wants to go after finding out Mark Hamill will be there. However, Stuart has a lot of Star Wars knowledge and manages to impress Denise to the point where she calls him "hot." So, yes, even Stuart had a big date for the wedding, while Raj was just left with his Star Wars questions.

Potentially, there's still time for Raj to find love. The show has been renewed for Season 12 on CBS, and since everyone else's romantic storylines have gotten ample screen time, it may be time for Raj to find love before the end of the series, whenever that may be. The Big Bang Theory returns to the schedule on September 24, only on CBS.

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