Britney Spears Gets Silly With Jimmy Fallon For A New 'Ew!' Segment

Britney Spears seemed to have a lot of fun during a new installment of a popular skit on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. It all went down as part of the segment "Ew!" which fans of the late night chatfest should be pretty familiar with by now. In it, Jimmy Fallon stars as a pretentious girl named Sara. Joining Sara to discuss summer camp and Throwback Thursday pictures is Britney Spears' Abby. Watch the hilarity for yourself below:

First things first, Britney Spears' performance as the more emotionally subdued "Aba" is pretty freaking great. Her line delivery is smooth, and her brief performance of "I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman" is impressive, as well. Although you kind of sensed the entire segment was setting up for that moment and when it happened, it was still funny. As someone who has always appreciated Spears' underrated performance in Crossroads, "Ew!" was a reminder of her acting prowess.

While Jimmy Fallon was magnificent again as Sara, one of the standout moments of the sketch ensued when Sara received a call from her stepdad, Gary. Let's face it; you will never think of, or hear the word "curd," the same way again.

When it came time for the "ew" speed round, Britney Spears' Aba was pretty brutal with varying degrees of "ew-ness," except when it came to Steve Carell and Las Vegas. It was Carell's performance in the animated movie Despicable Me 3 that saved him from the dreaded "ew." Imagine how impressed Aba would be if she also saw him in his real-life roles.

As for Aba's soft spot for Las Vegas, you can probably chalk that up to a thinly veiled inside joke. Britney Spears has a concert residency in Las Vegas.

You have to give the pop star significant kudos for maintaining her composure during the segment, something that was probably no easy task. Between Jimmy Fallon's always spot-on performance and the writing, this was a strong installment. While "Ew!" was great, it would have also been neat for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to have done a Mickey Mouse Club reunion akin to the one Jimmy Fallon hosted for the Saved by the Bell cast.

It's not like Jimmy does not have a good rapport with Britney Spears' former cast mates, Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake. Plus, Spears recently said that she would be open to participating in a Mickey Mouse Club reunion. It would be a cool segment to see in the future. For now, this hilarious installment of "Ew!" will have to do.

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