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First Look At Gotham Season 5 Reveals A Whole New Look For One Crazy Character

Gotham is gearing up for its final season, which means fans can expect a lot of changes to go down with their favorite characters. We can already guess what transformations are ahead for the characters who exist outside the series, but what about the crazy Barbara Kean? Producer Danny Cannon shared a peek at Barbara's new look for Season 5, and while she may look a bit different than she did in past seasons, Ms. Kean is looking just about as dangerous as ever:

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Fans have several questions going into Gotham Season 5, and the mystery surrounding Barbara Kean is certainly one of them. This Season 5 picture doesn't do much to answer any of those questions, as many are wondering what the character's role will be in the larger story that leads to the Batman we know and love. The new hairstyle is certainly giving off some Cersei Lannister vibes, which might be intentional as the current split of Gotham between villains is almost like Game of Thrones. This photo makes us wonder even more if Gotham will follow the DC Comics canon that sees Jim Gordon eventually name his daughter Barbara. Given Jim and Barbara Kean's relationship in the show as of the end of Season 4, it's hard to imagine he would want to give that name to his daughter.

That answer will likely come out during Season 5, as Barbara and Tabitha's claim to part of ruined Gotham might come crumbling down by the end of the season. Whether that be Barbara's doing or someone else's is unknown, although we're guessing Jim is involved in some way. Will Barbara come to her senses and become one of the good guys again, or is her character headed towards a more tragic ending? Could something happen that makes Jim want to name a future daughter after his crazy ex?

Jim's ex-girlfriend-turned-villainess isn't a thing in the traditional canon of Batman. That said, Gotham has done a lot of things that aren't in the traditional Batman canon, so no one should count out Barbara surviving Season 5 and causing more trouble than ever just yet. Heck, for all we know she could be headed for some Jerome-level Joker twist which, while unlikely, wouldn't be the most surprising thing the show has done to date.

All will be revealed when Gotham returns to Fox for Season 5 next year. For a look at what superhero shows can be watched in the meantime, be sure to visit our superhero premiere guide. Of course, variety is the spice of life, so anyone looking to diversify their television programming can hit up our summer premiere guide and find a show with characters that aren't quite so super. For more on Gotham, check out what Bruce Wayne actor David Mazouz had to say regarding that Titans trailer. After that, check out what one of Gotham's writers had to say about Bruce's path in the final season.

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