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We've got the latest on what's going on in the Big Brother house from the live feeds since Thursday's episode, including who won Head of Household, who they nominated and who won the Veto. Read no further if you don't want to be spoiled before it's all revealed in this week's episodes!

Ok, here's how things are going in the Big Brother house right now...

Head of Household





Won the Veto


Veto used?

Not yet

Powers in Play

Tyler's Cloud (not used)

Bayleigh's Identity Theft (not used)

As we reported previously, Bayleigh won Head of Household. On Friday, she nominated Brett and Rachel, with Rachel supposedly being the pawn. Rachel knew there was a good chance she was going up next to Brett, but she didn't take the nomination easily, and she and Bayleigh had some serious one-on-one conversations to ensure trust. And weirdly enough, prior to the nominations, Bayleigh decided to tell Rachel that she has the Identity Theft power. This was presumably to instill trust with Rachel before nominating her, and so far, I don't think Rachel has told anyone about it, though she may have told Angela. Either way, it was a major risk for Bayleigh to reveal that power to someone she was about to nominate.

Tyler Veto

Tyler won the Veto. The feeds were down for hours on Saturday, which happens a lot for the timed competitions where each player takes a turn and there's probably a fair amount of down-time between sets due to production having to reset the game board for each houseguest. It sounds like some of the houseguests had a hard time with this competition. Tyler may not have intended to win it, but win it he did, and now he's faced with the choice of using it or not using it.

Tyler really didn't need to win this Veto. In fact, it was probably in his best interest not to win it. Bayleigh had no intention of putting him up as a backdoor option this week, so his own safety was never in jeopardy. Regardless, he has the Veto and Bayleigh doesn't want him to use it. He's assured her he'll do whatever she wants, so things seem good between those two. But he's also working this side-plan to get Bayleigh to think he and Scottie are best friends, in the event he does use the Veto, that Bayleigh might retaliate by putting Scottie up? I don't know for sure if that's a real plan or just something he's playing around with to keep his options open until Monday when he ultimately uses or doesn't use the Veto. Either way, this is an underused strategy (feigning a friendship or alliance with someone in the hopes of putting a target on their back) and I'd kind of like to see something come of it, if not this week then in the future.

Things got even more confusing when Bayleigh told Rachel that he told her (Bayleigh) he would only use the Veto if she agreed to put Angela up as the replacement nominee. I don't know where Bayleigh got that from -- if it was part of an actual conversation with Tyler, I didn't see it -- but Rachel believed it and got really angry (in private) and later talked to Angela and Kaycee about it. I get the sense both of them still trust that Tyler's on their side, but Rachel no longer knows where Tyler stands and she may actually be done with him in terms of working together.

At this point, I don't think Tyler's going to use the Veto. But there's still time between now and Monday for that to change. And if it doesn't change, then it's just a matter of who goes home on Thursday. Brett seems like the obvious target and an easy eviction, but Rachel isn't playing it cool, which could end up hurting her and causing the tides to turn against her if she's still on the block next to Brett come Thursday night.

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