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Lindsay Lohan is returning to television courtesy of a new MTV reality show, and fans are already getting their first look at the just-announced series courtesy of its star. Tentatively titled Lohan Beach Club, the show's working title conjures the idea of sun and sand, and in the first peek at the upcoming series, Lindsay Lohan herself shows off the destination the series is set to splash around in -- Mykonos, Greece. Watch Lohan tease the reality show below:

While Lindsay Lohan announces that she has joined the MTV family, she does not mention a lot about it. For instance, what her show is about and why she is in Mykonos are still mysteries if you rely on this tease. Don't worry, though, we have you covered. MTV just announced the show, which they describe as a "docuseries." It began filming this week and will follow Lohan as she expands her business empire with Lohan Beach House, a seaside destination equipped with a luxury spa, restaurant, and day/nightclub.

The series will chronicle Lindsay Lohan's journey as she leads her team of handpicked brand ambassadors, to "make her mark on the vacation capital of the world." With cameras rolling, the team Lohan has assembled will have to prove themselves to her as they work to make her vision a reality. In the midst of all that business drama, the show will follow the team as they make friends and alliances, all while trying to resist the temptations of Mykonos' nightlife.

Based on the information provided, Lindsay Lohan's new show sounds like a cross between Vanderpump Rules and The Hills' Kristin Cavallari's new E! reality show, Very Cavallari. This it is not an untested format, which should make it promising. Of course, MTV's history with reality shows is pretty stellar, having delivered The Hills, Laguna Beach, Jersey Shore, and The Real World. So, Lohan launching a reality show with the one-time music-centric channel is not a bad choice.

How much Lindsay Lohan will actually be in Lohan Beach Club, given the show plans to also follow her "handpicked brand ambassadors," will be exciting to find out. Lohan is no stranger to docuseries. She starred in the eight-part series Lindsay back in 2014 for OWN.

While it is hard to believe, The Parent Trap, which marked Lindsay Lohan's theatrical breakthrough, recently celebrated the 20-year anniversary of its release. A lot has transpired in Lohan's career since then, and one can only hope that Lohan Beach Club may be the start of a career resurgence. The reality show is not the only thing Lohan has cooking. The acting world still beckons. Lohan will have a role in the second season of the British comedy Sick Note.

As for her reality show, it is still a ways off. Lohan Beach Club is set to premiere on MTV in 2019. For new television shows set to arrive in the meantime, check out CinemaBlend's guide to TV's summer premieres. For more about Lindsay Lohan's upcoming reality show, check out some more info on MTV's site.