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Lindsay Lohan's Going Hard With Her Batgirl Pitch

The DC Extended Universe is a tricky place. While plans to expand are constantly made, there are a ton of announced films that don't have public release dates. One of these is Joss Whedon's upcoming Batgirl movie, which is one of the most highly anticipated upcoming movies in the shared universe. Whedon's history with projects like Buffy the Vampire Slayer prove how great the director/writer/producer is with a strong female characters, and Barbara Gordon's side kick a the perfect choice. Plenty of actresses are vying to play the role, and that includes the always infamous Lindsay Lohan. Lohan had previously expressed her interest in playing Joss Whedon's Batgirl, and she's once again campaigning for the role via social media. Check out her recent post about the subject:

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Well, that's certainly not subtle. Lindsay Lohan wants director Joss Whedon and the world to imagine her as Batgirl, and it looks like she's starting with her 9.3 million Twitter followers. So why not put that into the universe with a photo of she alongside the beloved comic book character?

While Lindsay Lohan is largely known for her pop culture moments and colorful past, she fist and foremost came from an acting background. So while Joss Whedon is probably not going to be casting her as the muse of his next big superhero project, she theoretically still has the chops to pull a big acting role off. While she first gained notoriety for her duel role in The Parent Trap, she had plenty of roles into her adulthood such as Bobby and Liz & Dick. Still, vying for the protagonist in a massive blockbuster may be a bit too utopian for the former child star.

It's also unclear which incarnation of Batgirl will be brought to the silver screen with Joss Whedon's still developing movie. If the film was set in the modern DCEU timeline, then Batgirl/Barbara Gordon will need to be a bit older, which could work in Lindsay Lohan's favor. Ben Affleck's Batman is a weathered and experienced hero who has had a past with sidekicks, and it would be fascinating to see that expanded through the Batgirl movie.

But another option is that the Batgirl movie could take a page from Wonder Woman's book and be set in the past. We could see a younger version of Bruce Wayne training Barbara Gordon, calling for a teenage protagonist. Right now anything's possible, as Joss Whedon has remained tight lipped about which Batgirl will be at the center of the upcoming blockbuster. And with DC Studios doing plenty of shakeups behind the scenes, the timeline regarding when to expect Batgirl to hit the big screen has never been less clear.

The next installment in the DC Extended Universe is James Wan's Aquaman on December 21st, 2018. In the meantime, check out our 2018 release list to see what movies are coming your way this year.

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