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Lindsay Lohan Is Campaigning To Play Joss Whedon’s Batgirl


There are a lot of comic book movies on the horizon, which means there are a lot of comic movie roles out there that need to be filled. Lindsay Lohan would like one of them, please. The Mean Girls actress recently put it out on Twitter that she wants to play Batgirl in the announced DC universe film that will be potentially directed by Joss Whedon. She's asked her followers to retweet her plea to help it gain momentum.

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As of this writing, the tweet has been retweeted a little over 2,000 times, which means that there are certainly a lot of people who see to like the idea of Lindsay Lohan as Batgirl. Of course, with a follower count of over 9 million, that's a fairly small percentage of the total. It should also be pointed out that most of the comments attached to the tweet seem far less enthusiastic with the idea of a Lindsay Lohan Batgirl, but hey, it's Twitter, what did you really expect?

At this point, we have no idea if anybody is being seriously considered for the Batgirl role as we have no idea what the status is of that movie's production. Beyond this year's Aquaman and next year's Shazam and Wonder Woman 2 no other DC film's have set release dates. Everything else exists in this nebulous cloud where the movies have been announced, but are otherwise mostly just waiting around. If a Batgirl movie is looking to be one of the next movies to actually happen we could get a casting announcement soon. If, however, the film isn't looking to happen until after everything else on the list, that means the movie is still several years away, and there's really no point in looking at casting options now.

And that assumes that the Batgirl movie happens at all. Warner Bros. just put a new President in place to be in charge of DC's film projects and we can expect that will mean a lot of things will start to happen in regards to all those upcoming movies. There's always the possibility that one of the things that could happen could be some of these existing projects getting canceled and replaced with other things. The Batgirl project may be less likely to disappear, if only because it has somebody like Joss Whedon attached to it, but some recent rumors have indicated Whedon could already be moving away from the film

Lindsay Lohan seems like a long shot to get the role of Barbara Gordon, but who knows, crazier things have happened in movies, and crazier things have worked. Maybe she's perfect.

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