Candace Cameron Bure Thinks The View Needs Another Conservative Host

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For a while, Candace Cameron Bure was a busy Momma, raising her kids while also appearing Netflix's Fuller House and as a host on ABC's The View, not to mention appearing as a staple in Hallmark movies. That's a lot of gigs simultaneously, and a couple of years ago, the actress decided it was becoming a little too much for her. Still, Candace Cameron Bure recently admitted she keeps close tabs on the show, and she has some thoughts about the direction The View should go in the future. According to Bure:

I am so happy for Sara [Haines] that she has her own slot with Michael [Strahan] now on GMA. That's fantastic. And Paula [Faris] is moving on as well. So I am curious to see who fills that conservative seat. I really hope that it is a conservative seat because I think it will balance out that table. They need more than one conservative so I really hope it's a conservative.

The View has had a long and storied history of rotating co-hosts. After Candace Cameron Bure left the series in 2016, she was replaced for a time by Jedediah Bila, who appeared in Season 20 before quitting the series abruptly. Meghan McCain joined the series after Bila's departure, which continued the tradition of including opposing viewpoints on the panel. Still, Bure recently told Fox News at TCA that she feels the show is on its best legs when it has a couple of conservative women talking out points on the series opposite women of more liberal points of view.

ABC's The View has always done a good job of presenting women with diverse viewpoints on the series, but the show has struggled to find a lasting lineup in recent years, although Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg have remained staples on the series. (Behar did take a break for a couple of years starting in 2013.) In this time of changes, the show still does well in the ratings, but has seen competitors like The Talk, etc also spring up and do well. As of this spring, The View was up 1% in viewership this year.

As to whether or not Candace Cameron Bure would ever return as a host on The View, the actress did note that she does not miss the commute at all. Her main claim for quitting at the time was that she was traveling from coast-to-coast so she could get home to her family on weekends. Now that the actress has stepped back from her numerous duties and is sticking to her Netflix and Hallmark work, she says of her life now:

I've been home the last few months because I've been doing Fuller House... and I still travel because most of the Hallmark movies I do are out of town --they are not in LA. But it's definitely less stressful not commuting back and forth every week to The View.

All in all, things seem to be going well for Candace Cameron Bure outside of talk show work. Her comments indicate she won't likely be heading back to host on The View in a full-time capacity, but we'll let you know whether or not the ABC talk show adds another conservative name to its ranks.

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