Castle Rock Renewed For Season 2 At Hulu, But With Some Major Changes

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The Stephen King-inspired Castle Rock has been a quick hit for Hulu, as hardcore and casual King fans alike have flocked to the new series. For that reason, it came as little surprise that the streaming service decided to bring it back for Season 2, although it appears the next installment is in for some major changes. While it was known the show was intended to be an anthology, it's possible the new season could feature an entirely new cast, in addition to a fresh story.

The renewal of Castle Rock came just ahead of the show's sixth episode, and about halfway through the ten-episode Season 1. Hulu announced that the series premiere was the platform's most successful first-season original launch in terms of consumption and reach, as well as the record holder for the highest view rates of a Hulu original in its first and second weeks. No episode count has been released for the upcoming season, and there was no date given as to when Season 2 can be expected.

Curiously enough, THR also reported that Castle Rock has yet to determine which cast members will be returning for Season 2. As previously mentioned, there are rumors floating about that the show might find a new cast to tell its new story and leave its current actors back in Season 1. The rumor is a bit surprising considering the amount of talent Castle Rock has constructed for Season 1, although an entirely new cast appearing in an anthology series isn't at all unprecedented.

If an entirely new cast for Castle Rock is in the cards, it will be interesting to see how the series intends to follow through with references to other seasons. Creator Dustin Thomason teased that while each season would have its own self-contained story, viewers would be surprised as the series continues, because past seasons would intersect with current seasons in various ways. Thomason specifically referenced the ways characters pop up in places throughout the books, which may mean a character or two may resurface still. That said, King is often noted for having his characters frequently mention places or quotes found in his other books, which may be more in line with what Thomason is referring to.

Castle Rock fans don't want to waste too much time thinking ahead to Season 2, as Season 1 is currently premiering new episodes on Hulu, Wednesdays at 12:01 a.m. PT. For a look at what else is happening on streaming, visit our Netflix and Amazon premiere guides. For more on what's coming to cable and broadcast television, visit our summer and fall premiere guides. And, those wondering what Stephen King thinks of Hulu's hit drama needn't wonder, as the author has not been shy about sharing his thoughts on the show.

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