Big Little Lies Shailene Woodley Is Rocking A New Look In Season 2

Big Little Lies is switching some things up in Season 2, and while the high-profile casting of Meryl Streep has captured a fair few headlines, there are other changes worth mentioning. The latest of which was spotted in an Instagram post by Reese Witherspoon, which appeared to reveal Shailene Woodley's Jane is rocking a new look in the upcoming season:

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Jane Chapman is sporting some bangs and some longer hair in the first and second photo of Reese Witherspoon's photo collage, which would appear to indicate she's got a new hairdo for Big Little Lies Season 2. It's not 100% confirmed, however, as the second photo appears to be at a bowling party separate from filming and features Nicole Kidman not sporting Celeste's red hair. That said, the first picture certainly looks to be a set photo with Witherspoon and Zoë Kravitz dressed up as Madeline and Bonnie, so it seems more likely than not Jane's got a new look for Season 2. Additionally, Shailene Woodley's social media is chock full of pictures of her sporting the hairstyle throughout the production of Season 2, which leaves us little doubt the new hairstyle isn't just a fluke.

It's certainly a change of pace for Jane, who in Season 1 of Big Little Lies kept her hair quite a bit shorter. Perhaps the character's new hairstyle is her further adapting to the Monterey lifestyle, or something to distract her from the fact that she's harboring a dark secret and possibly a suspect in an investigation. Then again, one would imagine Jane's not losing any sleep over the death of Perry, as her fear of her attacker and quest for revenge was a significant plot point in the first season. The new hairstyle might represent a fresh start for her character, as Jane is free from fear and can move forward with her life for the first time in a long time.

The freedom from fear might be temporary, unfortunately, as Jane and the rest of the girls aren't entirely out of the woods yet. Big Little Lies Season 2 will see Perry's mother, played by Meryl Streep, come to town. She'll no doubt want some answers regarding her son's death, and with Detective Quinlan not buying the girls' story at the end of Season 1, she might be willing to do some more digging to get to the bottom of what really happened that night.

Fans will get to see the fallout and how Jane's hair comes into play when Big Little Lies comes to HBO in 2019. For a look at shows that will be arriving on television before then, head on over to our summer and fall premiere guides.

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