Lucifer Has Cast Biblical First Lady Eve For Season 4

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Lucifer is moving full steam ahead on its fourth installment overall and its first on Netflix. Undoubtedly adding to the anticipation for the upcoming season is a big bit of casting news that has hit the wire. Eve has been cast so she can make her way to the series in Season 4. And from the sound of things, she has some unfinished business with the show's namesake. Here is what we know.

Eve will be played by Imposters' Inbar Lavi, per TV Insider. In Lucifer's version of events, Eve and Adam are still together, although she has grown bored in their marriage. Eve desires a return to the time when her life was more wicked and risky. She misses the passion of what Lucifer's official release describes as her "first love" a.k.a. the star of the show. Eve and Lucifer will certainly have a lot to talk about when they reunite, especially following the events of the Season 3 finale.

Lucifer and Cain came to blows in the episode and Lucifer ending up coming out on top. It will be interesting to learn how that is addressed by Eve. As for her looking for Lucifer to reprise their relationship, that could have multiple implications on the series and its characters, including Chloe.

Eve joining Season 4 is destined to shake up the series' next installment. It is unclear if Adam will be joining his wife or coming after her in an attempt to restore their relationship. With Cain having been introduced in Season 3, his mother could end up creating similar mayhem in Season 4. The description does not give any indication as to how she feels about her firstborn and his fate. Fans will have to wait and see what happens when the show returns.

Work on the series has been ramping up in a big way. The writers have already shared the episode title for the first episode of Season 4, which will be "Everything's Okay." As for the show getting more uncensored as part of its move to Netflix, fans will have to wait and see how risqué the show chooses to be.

We do know that the plan is to stick to the series' traditional episode length and that the season will feature Netflix's usual 10-episode run. No premiere date for Lucifer Season 4 has been revealed yet by Netflix, so stay tuned. 2019 seems like a pretty good bet.

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