Young & Hungry No Longer Getting Finale Movie At Freeform

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One of the stars of Freeform's Young and Hungry has shared some sad news with the show's fans. Taking to Twitter, Emily Osment gave an update on the future of the comedy, and it will leave fans hungering for a more optimistic outcome. When news of the series' cancellation was originally broken, Freeform also announced that a two-hour movie was in the works to wrap up the series. Now, Osment has shared a disheartening announcement regarding that latter part. See Osment's tweet for yourself below:

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That's right. There will be no movie to wrap up and resolve the events of Young & Hungry's final season. It is news that will undoubtedly be met with disappointment by fans of the sitcom. Freeform confirmed the news to Deadline without offering any further details as to the network's decision to cancel the movie. Said TV film would have given fans closure to a series they invested five years in.

Along with the usual heartbreak that an abrupt turnaround can have regarding a television series' future, there is another matter. News of the cancelled follow-up movie means that fans will not get to see how the events of the series finale would have played out. The originally planned movie is all the more imperative given that the finale left viewers with a pretty big cliffhanger. As fans will recall, Gabi proposed to Josh, asking him to join her in Seattle for her new job. Yes, a relationship cliffhanger!

Given the back-and-forth between the couple, it would be understandable that Young & Hungry fans may have worried as to how that proposal would be resolved. Fortunately, Emily Osment quieted some of the concerns with a passage in her tweet. In it, she tagged co-star Jonathan Sadowski's Twitter handle and referred to him as her "obvious future" television husband. One can surmise that means Osment's Gabi and Sadowski's Josh would have gotten married. As for how Gabi's move would have been handled is another question.

Did Josh move with Gabi? Or did she stay in San Francisco? Did they get married years into the future after they went separate ways and Gabi's job concluded in Seattle? We may never know. Hopefully, the showrunners will be able to share what the endgame for the characters would have been in the movie. For now, we can only speculate and take comfort in Emily Osment's tweet.

The cancellation of the Young & Hungry movie comes on the heels of other shows on the network being cancelled. Fans of the Freeform series Shadowhunters are still holding out hope that their beloved series will be given another season. Despite enormous fan pressure, a fourth season has yet to be green-lit. And Young & Hungry fans can relate to the disappointment.

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