Shadowhunters Stars React To Fans' Campaign To Make Season 4 Happen

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Ever since it was announced that Shadowhunters had been cancelled, the show's devoted legion of fans have been rallying to get the show a fourth season. By utilizing the social media hashtag #SaveShadowhunters, their fan campaign has been working overtime to get the series picked up elsewhere. And the efforts have not gone unnoticed or unappreciated by the series' cast. Shadowhunters' Katherine McNamara, who portrays Clary, expressed her amazement over the show's fans, saying:

And for the fandom as well, who's worked tirelessly to really come together as a group in a world that is so divisive. It's amazing to see people who celebrate each others' artwork and who come together and welcomed us into their fandom for something that's ultimately all about love and acceptance and unity.

The unceremonious cancellation of the series has undoubtedly drawn Shadowhunters fans together in a powerful way. Katherine McNamara shared her sweet sentiments regarding the series' loyal fanbase with TV Guide. The actress also revealed that the show will "go out with a bang." These remarks support what Shadowhunters' showrunner had previously said, regarding concerns about the series' two-hour finale. McNamara was not the only cast member to express their awe of the show's fan following.

Other cast members chimed in with their response to the fan campaign surrounding the series' end. Harry Shum Jr. shared the emotional response he experienced at a convention from fans, who shared how much the series had meant to them. Sadly, for fans, their efforts to get Shadowhunters a fourth season has thus far not received the desired effect, in terms of saving the show. Neither a streaming service or another network has stepped in to save it.

While that may be the unfortunate reality, the campaign to save Shadowhunters has left an eternally positive mark on worthy causes. Dominic Sherwood, who plays Jace, shared his thoughts on fans raising money for The Trevor Project, saying:

I think the biggest thing for us is we're seeing actual money going into these campaigns, and I think the most gratifying and most heartwarming feeling I get is when that money is transferred to a charity in the name of Shadowhunters and the name of the fandom and the name of all the guys that have worked so hard up here. If someone can really benefit from that, then that's great, and I think that's what we should keep doing. The Trevor Project, we raised a lot of money for that, which was fantastic, and I think if we can keep doing that in the name of Shadowhunters then that's the best legacy we can leave.

Matthew Daddario, who portrays Alec on the series, expressed being similarly moved by the support Shadowhunters fans have provided to charities, such as The Trevor Project, which fans have so far raised more than $20,000 for. Daddario said:

The enthusiasm is a beautiful thing, and we've been increasingly shocked every time we see something new come out that they've done. It's like, Okay, wow! Didn't realize you guys were this capable, this efficient and this creative!' It's very fascinating, and I love the enthusiasm. The charity efforts are really good, because it's not just selfish, it's not just, 'We want our show back,' it's also, 'Look we have this show that we bonded over, and we're going to try to do something for the community, and really support something that's good for all people, The Trevor Project.' It's really kind of touching.

The Shadowhunters cast is clearly grateful to the show's fans, which is always a validating feeling for TV fans everyhere. Alberto Rosende and Emeraude Toubia also shared their appreciation for the series' fans, who Toubia revealed had sent cupcakes to the set. Talk about a sweet way to show you care.

Shadowhunters fans can rest assured that the cast is grateful for everything they have done. And the fandom has done just about everything you can think of to get the show a fourth season. From a billboard in Times Square to a banner over Netflix's headquarters and beyond, no stone has been left unturned. Shadowhunters has left an impression on its fans, which is a testament to the show's lasting effect. Likewise, the campaign's impact will live on, no matter the outcome.

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