Watch The Situation Drop An F-Bomb In New Jersey Shore Footage

Jersey Shore Family Vacation editors are typically pretty good at censoring swearing (and footage allegedly), but it appears the team got sloppy in a new promo for an upcoming episode. The clip, which featured Snooki revealing that Angelina is coming to Vegas to hang out with the gang, features a lot of censored swearing and one hefty unedited F-bomb from Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino. Take a look, below.

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The Situation's response to Snooki is a bit mumbled, which may be why Jersey Shore Family Vacation editors may have missed him saying "Get the fuck outta here," in response to his friend's statement. The lack of editing on the swear would seem to be unintentional, as MTV clearly peppered in a few bleeps to cover up Snooki's foul language, which is a shame because if one swear needed to be heard in full it was her saying "holy dick-fuck." It's unknown if this clip is from the finished cut of the episode, or if MTV will have time to get in and fix the moment before the episode's airing this evening.

Everyone's swearing, censored or not, is warranted in the Jersey Shore Family Vacation clip as ex-roommate Angelina Pivarnick is coming to town to party down with the crew. While the cast seems less than thrilled about that update, viewers should be happy, as the clip is devoid of Ronnie (who is presumably still in a fight with his baby mama Jen Harley), and Deena is absent for this leg of the adventure due to her pregnancy. Pivarnick will at least make things interesting upon her arrival, although that might be exactly what the cast is fearing in this clip.

Of all the Jersey Shore Family Vacation cast members that had to be caught un-edited, did it have to be Mike? The Situation has gone to great lengths to prove he's a changed man, although it's safe to say a bit of casual swearing (especially in the case of news regarding Angelina) is probably not going to change a lot of viewers' opinions on Mike. At least, it won't change them any more than his comments in the premiere about incorporating that panda head he was wearing in the bedroom!

Swearing aside, Jersey Shore Family Vacation also confirmed that Vinny will be the person getting hitched with Pauly D in Vegas. Folks had already figured that out for the most part, so this is likely only news to the few who thought the bachelor DJ found true love on the Vegas strip. Pauly is absent in the clip, so it's possible he might be off with Ronnie or listening to more Beastie Boys albums for inspirational fathering tips.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation is on MTV Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Viewers can tune in to see if the uncensored swear makes it to air, or see what else is on television now or in the coming weeks via our fall premiere guide.

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