The Fun Way Jersey Shore's Deena Revealed She Was Having A Baby Boy

Jersey Shore Family Vacation castmember Deena Nicole Cortese finally confirmed the rumors that she was pregnant during the filming of Season 2 of the show, and now that the secret's out, she's sharing a lot more. Deena posted a fun video on her Instagram that showed the moment she and her husband Christopher learned they were having a baby boy:

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Deena certainly looks thrilled to be having a baby boy, albeit not as thrilled as her husband Chris who in that moment appeared to be the exact opposite of how someone feels when they're "spiraling." The two learned the news amidst a substantial crowd who all appeared to be attendees of the couple's gender reveal party. It also appears as though some members of the Jersey Shore Family Vacation crew were there as well, as two professional looking cameramen and a sound guy were there to capture the moment as it unfolded.

Deena's gender reveal party did not seem to be attended by any of her Jersey Shore Family Vacation costars, although it's possible they were all off still filming Season 2 when this took place. Reports had surfaced during the filming of Season 2 that Deena was not seen alongside the rest of the cast when they were filming in Las Vegas, which first prompted rumors that she was pregnant. Deena took to Instagram and Twitter to deny the rumors in now-deleted posts and was seen alongside the rest of the cast when they returned to film a few days at Seaside Heights.

The birth of Deena Nicole Cortese's son Christopher John will certainly call her future on Jersey Shore Family Vacation into question going forward, as the filming of the series might be a bit much for her to keep up with while caring for a newborn baby. The reality star already took a chunk of Season 2 off in the early months of her pregnancy, so it wouldn't be all that surprising to learn the show may need to replace her should it get renewed for Season 3. Of course, that's only speculation, and it's not like taking a well-deserved vacation months after becoming a parent is completely out of the question!

Jersey Shore Family Vacation fans won't have long to wait for Season 2 as the reality revival show is back on MTV this August. For a look at what shows are coming to television in the meantime, head on over to our summer premiere guide. Those interested in other crazy things that have been happening during Season 2 of Jersey Shore Family Vacation should check out what Ronnie's baby mama got locked up for, and how that may have played into Ronnie being absent for the final filming sessions of Season 2.

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