Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 2 Trailer Reveals A Return To Jersey And More Angelina Drama

Jersey Shore Family Vacation fans have assumed Season 2 will be wild with all the headlines regarding the cast during the offseason, but they still might be surprised by its latest trailer. The full-length trailer steers away from some of the things we already know about the upcoming season and, among other things, features a return to New Jersey and more Angelina drama that somehow tops her Season 1 appearance:

The last preview for Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 2 already teased Pauly's Vegas wedding and footage of Ronnie's daughter Ariana Sky, and while both of those are interesting enough to mention again, there's plenty more to unpack here. For example, Angelina is partying down with the gang in Vegas, and not everyone is thrilled that she's along for the ride. That might be what causes Angelina to shove her bare butt into a cake meant for the entire gang, although after Season 1, it's really hard to tell if this is a true moment of malice or just Angelina being weird.

A surprising twist about this trailer is that the overall tone is very light-hearted. Jersey Shore Family Vacation fans are treated to cutesy scenes of The Situation testing cakes for his upcoming wedding to his fiancee Lauren as opposed to some of the wild events that transpired between Ronnie and his ex Jen Harley. Granted, MTV wasn't there to capture all of the action that went down between the two in recent months, but there have been enough reports about incidents in Vegas that it's surprising the trailer teased no footage of altercations. Of course, there was quite a bit Jersey Shore Family Vacation drama excluded from its Season 1 trailer that was certainly worth talking about, so perhaps MTV is keeping some things under wraps until the season kicks off.

One thing Jersey Shore Family Vacation didn't try to hide was its triumphant return to New Jersey. Unfortunately, Seaside Heights would only allow the show to film for two days, with the town's reasoning behind the decision being the amount of trouble the cast has stirred up in past appearances. Fortunately, two days was enough time for the gang to visit the house they first stayed in Season 1, the t-shirt shop they used to work at, and the casino pier. No major drama appeared to arise from the cast's short-term stay at the pier, so maybe Seaside Heights might embrace its unofficial mascots a little more closely should the show attempt to return in a hypothetical Season 3.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation returns to MTV Thursday, August 23 at 8:00 p.m. ET. The official return of Jerzday is still a ways away, so head on over to our summer premiere guide and see what else is on television in the meantime. Those wishing to keep on looking ahead to shows even further out can do so, and should definitely use our fall premiere guide as a resource.

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