Kurt Sutter Has A Message For Fans Who Are Sticking Around For Mayans M.C.

Although The Bastard Executioner didn't work out on FX, Kurt Sutter is still a show creator with an avid fanbase and a lot of ideas. His latest show Mayans M.C. premiered this week and, following the release of the show's memorable first episode, the popular Hollywood man took to social media to thank fans for trying out his latest venture. Here's what he had to say following the Mayans M.C. premiere. (And he shared a cute image of his pup to boot!)

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Many of Kurt Sutter's fans are holdovers from the Sons of Anarchy era on FX. Fans of that series had been excited about Mayans M.C. in the months leading up to the new show's release, both because it brings the showrunner back to cable TV (and specifically FX) and because it's another narrative about individuals who belong to a motorcycle club. Motorcycle club programming may not be a specific TV genre, but it's certainly a niche that has very loyal and dedicated fans and in his first post after the new show premiered, Kurt Sutter, who co-created Mayans M.C. alongside Elgin James, took a break to thank people for showing up for the new series. Plus his post also included a look at his adorable dog, which should inspire all the Instagram likes.

Mayans M.C. officially hit FX's schedule on Tuesday, September 4. The show is running positively on sites like Rotten Tomatoes, but more importantly, the opener for the new show scored big numbers for FX. The show did a 1.1 rating and 2.53 million total viewers on its opening night. Now, compared to a big network show like Young Sheldon, those might not be big numbers, but it is a good number for cable, and the show evenly matched the 2.53 million viewers Sons of Anarchy did when it opened in 2008.

This seems to indicate that plenty of fans of the first series have shown back up for the new episodes. (And hopefully some new, diverse faces, too.) Mayans M.C. has smartly figured out a way to tie in Sons Of Anarchy without being too on the nose about it. Earlier this year at San Diego Comic-Con, Kurt Sutter revealed there would be some Sons characters returning for brief appearances (albeit not Jax Teller), and the premiere for the show included Gemma in a flashback scene where she is visiting prison and is a side character in a scene involving EZ and Emily.

The show has nabbed a 10-episode order, so it has quite a few weeks to potentially grow during its run. One thing is for certain: We'll definitely be keeping an eye on how Mayans M.C. is doing in the ratings, and if Kurt Sutter's response this week is any indication, he certainly has his eye on the fans while putting out this brand new series.

Mayans M.C. airs new episodes on Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. ET, only on FX. Check out what other shows are coming this fall with our full schedule.

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