Watch Paul McCartney And Jimmy Fallon Totally Surprise Tourists At 30 Rock

Visitors of 30 Rock are bound to see a few surprising things while touring the iconic building, such as the set of Saturday Night Live or the other late-night shows. If they're really lucky, they just might catch a celebrity or two around the building, which is exactly what happened to a few fortunate guests. Jimmy Fallon had Paul McCartney on The Tonight Show to promote his latest album Egypt Station, and when the two weren't on set handling that, they were hiding out near the building elevator and surprising unsuspecting tourists:

It really speaks to the impact The Beatles still have on the world when people react shocked to see Jimmy Fallon, and then are absolutely floored by seeing Paul McCartney. Despite the fact that Fallon is a household name these days and someone the general public hears about far more frequently than McCartney, the screams and surprise were always notably louder when the tourists realized McCartney was just a few feet away from them. Of course, it may have been because Fallon is someone a tourist would expect to see at 30 Rock, when not many would expect McCartney.

Whatever the case, there's no denying the singer-songwriter still has plenty of charm left in the tank as more than a couple women on the elevators talked about how awesome it was to see him. One woman in The Tonight Show bit even seemed hypnotized by Paul McCartney, as she promptly forgot she was on a tour and attempted to get off the elevator and walk towards the singer before being stopped by the elevator man. It's not like anyone can blame her for trying, as who wouldn't get off a floor or two early and take the stairs if it meant hanging out with Jimmy Fallon and prophetic rock royalty?

The Tonight Show really got some mileage out of the segment and had a lot of props on deck to up the ante with every group that came through on the elevator. It was certainly worth the effort, although we're curious just how long Paul McCartney and Jimmy Fallon hung out in that small room before calling it a day. Even if it was a long time, McCartney did Carpool Karaoke, so no doubt he had some practice in having some endurance all for the sake of a late-night sketch. On that note, Fallon probably shouldn't try something like this with Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters, just to be safe.

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