What's Going On With Maggie And Rick's Walking Dead Feud When Season 9 Picks Up

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When The Walking Dead left off, Maggie and Rick's relationship had hit a bit of a bump. After all, he had allowed her husband's murderer, Negan, to continue drawing breath. Suffice it to say, there is room for ample tension between them. Having been denied her preferred brand of justice by Rick, will Maggie really be revving up for revenge against him in Season 9? The Walking Dead's chief content officer and former showrunner Scott Gimple has weighed in, saying:

She said [in the Season 8 finale] that she was going to just wait for the moment to make it right. That's still in her. It isn't necessarily the driving force when we meet her, but it's still in her.

There you have it! With so much going on in between Season 8 and Season 9 thanks to that time jump, it is understandable that Maggie may have other things occupying her mind besides her and Rick's feud. With 18 months having passed in between the two installments, Maggie has had hers and Glenn's baby, and that's bound to take up a lot of her time and energy. While making it right may not be driving her in Season 9 as Scott Gimple told TVLine, a desire to do so is still present within her.

With Maggie finally having had her baby in Season 9, the show will also be able to explore her life as a mother, and as you probably suspected, it has had an impact. It is thanks in part to her having become a mother that Maggie's quest for revenge may be far from over. Giving fans a preview of how being a mother to hers and Glenn's baby has impacted Maggie's feelings, Scott Gimple says:

So from an emotional standpoint, as far as any sort of reset or even exacerbation of what she was feeling, that baby is a big part of it.

All of which makes perfect sense. Having become a mother, she is focused on her child. She also knows that her baby's father is missing and why. So, it would make sense that their child would play a large role in how she feels regarding Glenn's killer. After all, Negan is still alive, and Glenn is dead, having never met his and Maggie's baby. And Rick allowed Negan to live. Can he and Maggie come to an understanding before he exits The Walking Dead?

And how much light will the Season 9 premiere shed on that possibility? The episode will definitely be long enough to fit in some scenes between Rick and Maggie. As many fans know, Season 9 will be the season fans bid farewell to Maggie and Rick. Maggie, in an open-ended way, and Rick, for what is potentially forever. Regardless of how their respective time on the series ends up, time is running out for them to reconcile Rick allowing Glenn's killer to live. Fans will have to tune in to see if it can happen.

It may feel like the wait for the premiere of The Walking Dead Season 9 is creeping along rather slowly, but you can rest assured it is getting closer. The premiere is now less than a month away. And there is something to be said for savoring the time that is left. Find out how things go down between Rick and Maggie when The Walking Dead returns this fall, along with a ton of other shows. Season 9 premieres Sunday, October 7 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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