The Walking Dead Season 9 Reveals New Images And Eugene’s Hair Is Even Wilder

It's no secret that The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows on TV. AMC's apocalyptic drama has consistently raked up solid numbers, although the upcoming ninth season will take TWD into new territory. In addition to both Rick and Maggie making their way off the show, there are a ton of questions surrounding Season 9 ahead of its premiere. While we'll have a number of weeks before Rick Grimes and company return to the small screen, AMC just revealed more information about Season 9's time jump, specifically how its affecting the survivors' appearances. The Walking Dead will jump a whopping year and a half into the future, therefore providing a ton of new challenges. Anyone will look different after a year and half's time, and the characters of The Walking Dead are no exception. This includes Josh McDermitt's Eugene, who seems to have let his iconic mullet grow out even longer.

Eugene in Season 9

Eugene's custom 'do is only getting more bonkers the longer he survives the zombie apocalypse. Over a year passed since he helped end the War against Negan, it should be interesting to see how the character has continued to grow offscreen. Eugene and actor Josh McDermitt were the subject of a ton of hate over the past two years, after he briefly changing sides to The Saviors in order to ensure his survival. But he came through during Season 8's finale, sabotaging the Savior's' ammunition, and allowing Rick's militia to take control of the final conflict.

Jadis in Season 9

Another character who is rocking a decidedly new look is Jadis aka Anne. The former leader of The Scavengers was pardoned of her previous crimes, and welcomed to Alexandria with open arms by Rick and company. The mysterious character will be returning to the world of the bathed and speaking, and it should be fascinating to peel back her layers in Season 9. Plus, what the hell was going on with that helicopter, and all the mysterious A's?

Alden in Season 9

Another newcomer who will have a larger role in The Walking Dead Season 9 is the former Savior Alden (Callan McAuliffe). Alden proved that not all of Negan's followers were bad people, and helped bridge the various communities after Negan was finally vanquished. He also seems to have some chemistry with Maggie, although Lauren Cohan's upcoming departure from the show may put that story in jeopardy. Still, it'll be interesting to see how Alden and the rest of The Saviors have adjusted to life post-Negan, and with proper communication between the various communities.

You can see all of The Walking Dead's new photos below, courtesy of AMC. The Walking Dead will return to AMC on October 7th, 2018. In the meantime, check out our fall premiere list to plan your next binge watch. Plus our Amazon premiere list and superhero premiere list to ensure you don't miss a single episode of your favorite show.

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