Bachelor In Paradise's Finale Featured The Most Uncomfortable Breakup Since Arie And Becca

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Spoilers ahead for the Season 5 finale of Bachelor in Paradise on ABC.

Another season of action in the Bachelor franchise has come to an end with the fifth season finale of Bachelor in Paradise, and it was as messy a season as we could expect from a group of former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants. Three couples seemed like they would get their own version of a happily-ever-after in Season 5 of Paradise, however, as Jenna Cooper and Jordan Kimball, Krystal Nielson and Chris Randone, and Annaliese Puccini and Kamil Nicalek were all still attached at the end of the final episode in Mexico. Annaliese and Kamil weren't engaged, however, and the reunion show provided the most uncomfortable breakup since Arie Luyendyk dumped Becca Kufrin after proposing to her.

Kamil dumped Annaliese on camera in front of a whole bunch of people, including former cast mates. host Chris Harrison, the studio audience, and cameras filming the whole thing for broadcast. Here's how Kamil handled the situation and quite possibly earned himself the spot as the most despised male Bachelor franchise contestant, saying this:

I know Annaliese is ready for a guy to get down on one knee right now and you deserve the best," he begins. "And I think that I might not be the guy for you because I just feel like I kind of lost that spark we had in Paradise we had after leaving and experienced it in the real world... You're great Annaliese. You're an amazing woman and I don't want to just string you along and pretend that we have something special still. It's just not working out for me and I think it would be best for us to slowly part ways.

Well, congratulations to Arie Luyendyk and Juan Pablo Galavis for quite possibly losing their claims to the top spots of Bachelor franchise men who earned the ire of viewers for handling relationships! I'm not sure how or why Kamil thought it would be a good idea to break Annaliese's heart on camera in front of an audience, but it did not go over well. The audience in attendance began booing him, and although Chris Harrison asked him to leave, it was not before Annaliese revealed that she and Kamil had just booked an Airbnb to spend time together. Poor, poor Annaliese.

Admittedly, Annaliese came on pretty strong during Bachelor in Paradise and was very ready to be engaged, and Kamil shouldn't have kept the relationship going if he was interested. That said, Annaliese made no secret of her desire to settle down, and there's no way Kamil was blindsided by it at any point after they got hot and heavy. Dumping her on camera had to be just about the most embarrassing thing he could have done to her. Good thing he's not the next star of The Bachelor! Not everybody was happy that Colton Underwood was chosen as the next Bachelor bachelor, but at least he didn't pull a Kamil.

We can only hope that Annaliese won't be romantically traumatized forever after having her heart broken on camera. Becca Kufrin managed to find love again thanks to her stint on The Bachelorette. Short of appearing on The Proposal, however, Annaliese may want to give up on the prospect of finding love on the small screen. As for Kamil... well, he may want to give up social media if he wants to avoid angry fans, but so far, he's just been tweeting up a storm. Take a look at just one of his posts in the aftermath of the finale:

My money is on it taking Kamil a lot more than a teary emoji to convince the Bachelor in Paradise fanbase that he's a really nice guy who totally did the right thing by breaking Annaliese's heart like he did. It was truly uncomfortable to watch, and I can't imagine many people taking his side over hers any time soon. Maybe he just needs to call up Arie and Juan Pablo for some advice. As for now... well, good luck to Annaliese.

The next installment of the franchise will be Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor. As for now, there are plenty of other options in the fall TV lineup, and they won't all feature horribly uncomfortable breakups.

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